Boss ME-30 manual

Does anyone out there have a copy of a Boss ME-30 manual that you could email me? Or, even just a link to a download of one that you could suggest????

Desperately need to find one.

Cheers all.

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Makes life worthwhile doesn't it.

Please and Thank you.

Imagine performing CPR on one of these guys to save their life. They still wouldn't thank you.

It's about time us forum users got the same appreciation as doctors.

Fat lot of appreciation I get for being a doc. About time I got the same appreciation as teachers. Oh, hang on, that's not going to work either... About time I got the same appreciation as bass players... Hmmm, must have a thunk about this one...

lee_UK wrote:
Makes life worthwhile doesn't it.

Please and Thank you.

Don't worry Lee , audaceaudio is probably on vacation. :wink:

Low life losers.... let's hope it's permanent vacation.
I spent a whole 2 minutes of my life searching for that link, im never going to get that time back am i?? :lol:

Weirdly enough; I only breathe in and out 9 times a minute. Only found that out in a science class, whereas most normals do it about 18-20 times. From now on, maybe I ought to handle all "tell me about my guitar/FX/amp" posts; on the basis that I'm wasting less breath than other mods+regs here :)

Been listening too much to:

'Breathe, breathe in the air, don't be afraid to care'

Walters said that lyric was a bit upper 6 form schoolboy stuff, did he go to your science class Bass? 8)

Thank you very much Lee for that.

Much appreciated.


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