Help with memorizing the fretboard

While I was learning to play over the last few years, I found that it was kinda boring and tedious to memorize where all the notes are on the fretboard. I could remember some, but others just weren't sticking in my brain. While I was playing, it was much more fun to learn a new riff or try a new song than to sit there trying to memorize the fretboard.

So I decided to create a game that would help make it easier and more fun. Plus I could use it at times when I wasn't actually playing my guitar (like at work, or just sitting around on the couch). It worked really well for me, and in just a few weeks, I pretty much had the whole fretboard memorized.

It worked so well that I figured it could help other people out too, so I made it into an applet and put it on the internet. It's totally free, you just need to have Java installed on your computer. Check it out and see if it helps you:


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Play the nasty ones.

Hi Jim,

I don't have Java (I assume; the game wouldn't start) and it's a bit late right now so bed beckons. I did look at the "how to play" and noticed you've covered 4+5 string basses and left handers, along with the usuals.

Goodonyer :) I'll try a go soon but if anyone else has a go before me please post up comments.

Hey FB just played a couple of games and it seems to work well...I assume your work and couch have an internet connection?...Anyhoo, good game, Tim.

EDIT: As 4-string bass

hrrm my java must be out of date or something as I couldn't load it.

I keep my critical computers (with my music interfaces) offline and that's where I would be playing the game. Is there a downloadble version of it? else it's next-to-useless to me. But what I've seen, it looks alright. Even better would be a PocketPC version so I can play during my lunch or on long trips!

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