Guitar ID: 1950 Kay Truetone Speed Demon? (pic)

I noticed someone IDed a Kay Speed Demon before and was hoping they might help me out. There's absolutely no markings on the thing and the guitar looks exactly like a 3 pickup Kay Speed Demon except for the fact that there's no truss rod adjustment and it has the old bakelite volume knobs (do they call them muffintops or something). Do you think that means that it's not a 1960's version, but rather something older, or did Harmony also have a similar model?

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Based on the shape of the headstock, I would say that is a Western Auto True-Tone Jazz King which was produced by Kay and is essentially just the Kay Speed Demon with a different name applied. Based on what I have seen, Kay produced the guitars (semi-hollow body) from 1961 to 1965. As pointed out above, I believe the later models might have had the more pointed cut-away. This may indicate that this particular guitar was from the earliest production (i.e. 1961). I have also never seen it with any other color pick-up selector besides black which may have been a change in later models. I have a friend who owns a True-Tone model. These are fairly rare guitars regardless of the headstock name. I have seen the Kay priced at $700 to $900 in good playing condition with minimum dings. The True-Tone seems to bring less for some reason pricing out in the $400 to $600 range. I read that you can pull the knobs off and check the code on the electronic pots and possibly find their date of production thus dating the approximate model year of the guitar. I have also seen references to 1959 models although the claim is that Kay never made the guitar model before 1961.

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