Can someone verify what kind of guitar I have?

I have a Gibson I bought barely used in the late '70s. The guy told me it's a Midnight Special and I've read about them but have never found a picture with my guitar's color. It's a solid, thin body with a funky, deep purple (wine?) color with colorful speckles in the paint. The neck/fretboard is light-colored wood. The hardware is no longer original, I'm sure, so I can't say much about that. It has two knobs on the front of the body, and they're squat, clear plastic cylinders with gold at the bottom. The cord plugs into the front, by the knobs. There's also a white toggle switch near the knobs. "Gibson" is written in black on the face between the tuning knobs.

Is this is a Midnight Special? I've just never seen another guitar quite like it.

Thanks for any info anyone may have for me.

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At your suggestion and with your advice and that of others, I've uploaded a photo of my wine red Midnight Special onto the web. I hope I did it right. Anyway, following is the link to it. If this doesn't work I can try something else. (I imagine you'll have to cut and paste the link into your browser.) Let me know what you think.



Link works fine, and I must say that is a very nice guitar!

When you view your image in Photobucket, there's a box bottom-right giving you 4 addresses, if you click on the one titled 'IMG Code' this will automatically copy the code to embed your pic straight into the forum. Just paste it into your message if you want your pic to appear on the board.


That should do it, albeit a bit of a large pic. Nice looks although, did someone paint the ceiling while the guitar was on the floor?

Hey, watch out.... another exists !!! I have a cream colored one from the same era with the glitter in the finish. Very, very rare indeed.
uhwh warehouse

Daihatsu Tanto

Wow, apols for my flip remark but there was no mention of any glitter finish when I searched the web for info. Thanks for taking the time to post another pic in and welcome to the forum :D

Oh, no worries. I thought you would like to see your guitar wasn't some sort of freak or something :D So I sent that out of left field !!

Actually these instruments are somehow tied to Paul Stanley of Kiss. In the mid 70's he played white ones and purple ones for a Kiss Alive tour. Destroyed a couple I hear as well. There are videos on YouTube of this. They of course played off of the Midnight Special theme at Gibson and came up with the name for this particular incarnation of the L6-S. These special colored guitars were very, very limited and they sold them at NAMM right off of the floor that winter. I cannot get anyone to confirm at Gibson how many actually exist but it is likely that there are less than 50 total given the extremely small number of Midnight Specials that DID get documented in Kalamazoo. I was told with the Kiss association and the rare finish this instrument can bring twice that of a regular L6. I have 4 other L6 and I paid the most for this one. About $900 10 yrs ago at a vintage dealer in Frederick MD. The story basically makes it worth more $$. Still not a super desirable instrument by Gibson enthusiast standards but still an interesting beast. Enjoy...
og kush

The other Gibson is Bo Badly's; not mine, unfortunately. I can bet he'll be interested to read of your story about the guitar and the association with Paul Stanley. I remember Bo was not wanting to sell, just looking for info. Always nice to think that any other owners that do a search will turn up this thread and find out something they didn't know. If anyone out there owns an L6S, please take the time to say hello!

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