Hello mates. Long time no read

Howdy! Back home again after much shennanigans.

Been thinking of you, so don't cross me off the xmas card list just yet..

Tele Sani 1 (for she is a Jap) has sustained a couple of petit dings on the neck somewhere along the line, but feck that. Just lets me know where G and A are when I'm being cool and not looking.

I have to rave about my unfortunately named "Screaming Demon" Whawaa pedal. It's just fekking very good. Best design, most control and best quietist EVOH. My Vox went in the bin.

Otherwise, Guitar Rig 2 is the dogs and I have been playing around with Ableton Live 6. It's fekkingly great and gives one another perspective on how to (de)compose. The included software is top dog top bollox top dog, but I've generated back to Sonar these last weeks.

If you're looking for great software drums, I HIGHLY recommend Artist Grooves. In fact, the fekkers are now doing a bundle of other stuff with it for much less than I paid for the strip down version:

OK. Love and peace and love the vibe mates.

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I've never used anything like software drums before, and for some reason have always been a little nervous of recording on a computer, but am thinking perhaps I need to get into this.

How easy in reality is using all this software. Stuff I've looked at in the past has been impossible to get into because there's been no printed manual, just "help" buttons on the screen and that's not the best way to learn. I want a nice big printed book with step by step instructions.

There's a lot of cool and easy software to fiddle with.... I'll get Stace to put together a list of popular software (drums, FX etc) from SMM and post it up here.

That'd be really useful. I could really do with finding some good drums.
I record into Acid Pro 4, it can do way more than I use it for but for just plugging in and recording it is quite simple.

I record using Sonar Producer 6.0 and it comes with Session Drummer which is loaded with great drum sounds and grooves - I use it for most of the session stuff I do, and it works out just fine (you can listen to some of the stuff I've done using these drums here: http://bluesbackingtracks.com - the sampled drums work really well in amongst 'real' takes).

Also, I use Reason, and Reason Drums - they're pretty good, not as good as session drummer though. I bought EZDrummer (ToonTrack) recently, but for some reason am still unable to get it to work on my Vista computer...! A friend of mine uses EZDrummer and it's really good...

GLW - I wouldn't be scared! Using computers to make music is like learning the guitar, it takes time, practice and perseverence - and the results are always worth it!


Johnny, welcome to the forum. I had a quick look on your homesite (I like a guy who says "tempi"; I'm the registered grammar nerd here :) ). Is it possible to click on something just to get a feel for it or does everything involve going through the checkout? I'm asking because it wasn't absolutely clear from a quick look. Better still, a quick demo-link without having to "save target as" would be a nice thing to see.

1bassleft: thanks for checking out the site :D If you go down to the table, I'm adding links so you can listen to the tracks with solos recorded over the top...(in the far right column)...Hopefully the soundbites should give you a good idea of the types of grooves I've recorded.

The checkout process atm is, if you want a track, just drop me an email and I'll send it to you after a Paypal transaction - I haven't sorted out an automated set up yet (I'm new to designing websites (as you can prabably tell!)) but that is coming soon...

Does anyone on the site know anything about web design, a place to get good templates or whatever?

I think I'll start a new post with that question...

Thanks again


Hi Johnny, I had seen the "soloed over" links on the right but, at the time, wasn't sure if they were a free, toe-dip listen or required a payment. Also, I've found that they can be left-clicked and they'll play straight away in Media Player, which is a lot more impulse-try than right clicking and "save target as".

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