Rate my new guitar stand...

or I'm gonna call you a "noob."

I built it using scrap oak and maple left over from a cabinet project:

It's light-weight, collapsible, and very sturdy.

I'm thinking about whipping out a bunch of them and selling them on eBay. :)

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Nice, look great with a tasteful oil painting on it :)

No really, it's lovely, well done...people on ebay would buy it, not that that's saying much.

How does it cope with the 'throwing in the back of the car and having a speaker cab roll on it' test? looks like there are some fragile bits on it.
But then a lot of people use guitar stands just for the home, it's probably where you will make a hit on ebay.

Actually, it was "field tested" last weekend in a "professional" environment. In this photo, it's holding my red strat:

Other than being hauled around with the other cords and such atop my pedal board, it needed no special consideration.

Admittedly, it wouldn't fare well in an encounter with a large speaker cabinet. :wink:

Can i spy a Banjo and an Acoustic guitar on stage? is there something you need to tell us?
Very nice looking red strat though, whats the pickup combination in there?

A banjo, indeed! With this new band, we’ve been hiring solo acoustic players to take up the first hour of every show. It lessens the drudgery of a 4 hour gig, and it also gives us a chance to present new music and artists to local audiences. Matt Ray started that show off for us with a variety of old blues, folk, and vaudeville – he’s very entertaining and a technically proficient player – and the stool, acoustic guitar, and banjo are his. Also, the lead singer / rhythm player of my band switches off between his tele and an acoustic guitar. If you ask him, “What would Hootie do?” he’ll get really mad. :wink:

The red strat has a Seymour Duncan J.B. Jr. in the bridge position with two stock single coils, and the blue strat has a S. D. Hotrails in the bridge. Despite my negative opinions about Fender pickups, I’ve found that if used properly those single-coils in the neck positions can actually have some sparkle. The J.B. doesn’t sound very good at first, but after my tubes really start to cook – and hour or so into the show - it sounds amazing.

Horny! :twisted:

I really like that red strat, any chance of some close up pics?

Sure, there’s a copy of the retail photo here:


And a picture of mine located here:


It’s a “special edition” standard Stratocaster with rear mounted electronics, and it was one of the models produced to commemorate Fender’s 60th anniversary. Right out of the box, it had 4 frets that needed to be dressed; and - like my other Mexican strat - it’s getting new parts including bridge saddles, tuners, etc. I’m saving my pennies for a new black switch end, too.

So are you going to try and make these for the general public at any point? I think you could have something and with the right help could actually make some money off of your stands! :o

lee_UK wrote:
Can i spy a Banjo and an Acoustic guitar on stage? is there something you need to tell us?
Very nice looking red strat though, whats the pickup combination in there?

Blimey Lee - I can't see a banjo in that pic. How did you spot that? Have you got banjo radar or something? Perhaps there's something you shouldbe telling us.

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