Can anyone identify this SG?

Ignore Kurt Cobain's Fender Mustang in the centre of the pic. The guitar I'm trying to identify is the Bigsby-equipped SG with the Flying V headstock on the right of the picture.

Does anyone know anything about this guitar? Is it a one-off Gibson or a Frankenstein jobbie? Also, any clue as to who might have owned it?

The picture was taken at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.

I've tried Googling it, but came up with nought, but feel free to out-Google me!

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A beardy bloke instantly springs to mind but I can't for the life of me remembeer who it is :x ...time to grab the 'Classic Rock' freebie DVDs!

Tim wrote:
A beardy bloke instantly springs to mind but I can't for the life of me remembeer who it is

Billy Gibbons perhaps??

Someone told me that it belongs to Tim Sult from Clutch. Here's a better picture:

I was gonna go with Frank Zappa, it looked so Zapperish.

That's the Bloke...Zappa!

So I was wrong too :lol:

I found some more pics, including this one:

at, including one of him playing a boggo SG. I read in an article that he now plays an LP (presumably because his guitar is now in a glass case) but he talks about his stage amps being a Marshall 50W and a Marshall 100W into a 1960a and an Orange 4x12", exactly as can be seen in the live pic.

Seeing as SGs and Flying Vs were both set-necks, that's quite a job for the DIYer :?

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