Name That Plank

Right then. Against my advice, a friend of mine is attempting to restore this...this......thing. I know it's a Hondo (I just puked in my mouth a little when I typed that) but I can't find a model number/name for it. Any ideas?

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I think it might well be from around 1983-1985 and Korean but I'm not sure. We have a contributor called sb and he runs which has quite a number of Hondo catalogues. People have to register to see the catalogue pages but he might just pass by soon and perhaps tell you of the model name.

BTW, I read a lot about the supposed excellent quality of 80s Korean Hondos but I don't get it. I have a left P-bass copy and (apart from Grover tuners) it is absolutely ghastly. Doesn't stop people paying silly money on Fleeb for them but I don't know why.

Look at the size of that case!


I've seen these on Ebay, but forget the model name.

Thanks for the input guys, it made me LOL. :D

I dare not show this thread to the owner, he'd cry like a baby.

It really is a horrible thing, imagine falling over on stage with it, you'd be lucky not to impale yourself one one of the many pointy bits.

Is that a 'Hammerite blue' finish by any chance? Looks just like my toolbox.

Actually, I think it might be ''Smoothrite'' but it's hard to tell. Well, when I say hard to tell what I really mean is I can't look at it for more than a couple of seconds before feeling nauseous.

glw wrote:
Look at the size of that case!


Hahaha that cracked me up.

The way the neck joins the body really irks me.

The way the neck joins the body really irks me.

The WHOLE THING irks me. I instantly pictured some low-budget mullet-headed d-bag in zebra spandex taking himself WAY too seriously while playing bad speed metal.

Is that a cucumber in his trousers? :wink:

I want to see it with one of those 'folk-guitar' straps that go from the tail to the headstock :lol:

I think it's the 5H-1T model.

You sure its not the V3-RY/5H-1T version, or is that paint job decieving me?

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