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OK. I'm on the rock's with this one. I was looking for a Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top and found that www.2ndstringguitars.com had the Plain top. After e-mailing the owner of the company numerous times, she said that her husband has one, and was talking about selling it. I said I was interested. I'm planning on getting it, but I'm not sure if they could be scamming me or not. They seem like a trustful lot, yet you never are sure. She's sending me pictures of it, so I don't really think theres a scam involved, but I want a second opinion.

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from the look I had, I don't think they're scammy; just a sideline operation run by a muso and Mrs. They have some ebay history but have a good read of the website's FAQ page, particularly their returns and warranty policy.

Ya, but they arn't selling it to my through the store, they are selling it to me through themselves... with my luck , I'll send the $ and they'll head on up to the Yukon Territories in Canada and become lumberjacks. lol lol ! !

Simple answer. Tell them to put the guitar on Fleeb with a BIN that you both agree to. Agree on a specific time if necessary. Hardly anyone spunks immediately on a BIN, though. So, if you buy the guit on a BIN using Paypal you have a certain amount of protection. Not, it must be said, anything like as cast-iron that you would like (and FleebPal pretends to), but it's something.

Maybe they'll quibble (eBay fees, paypal fees, etc) but that's a red flag warning; they've sold on there before. If they smell bad, always walk away; Fleeb is bad enough so I would really hesitate before handing over cash on a blind sale with no retaliation whatsoever available to you.

1BL offers quality advice. Swing things in your favor and organize a Ebay PayPal sale. If they aren't willing to or hesitate, there's a good chance they should be avoided. It's really not that much hassle for wither party and it offers *some* protection.

They actually found this post and used it in an e-mail... I think that would've scared off any scammy peeps. He actualy used the "lumberjack" line in an e-mail! He seems pretty cool, and I highly doubt that they would risk there whole buisseness on $200, and if they ever did, they would be outa buisseness in a second, and thier 100% ebay feedback report says somethin... I'm goona ask If they'll give me a 30 day return policy.

Yeah, what I saw looked pretty straight to me. I don't think they'll run off, either so you just want to be both sure about what the returns possibility is.

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