New Singer

We have a new singer in our band, we auditioned him on Monday night and i told him he has the job, and guess what? he plays Saxamaphone !! he has a tenor and an alto and plays to orchestra standard !
Oh yes, Sax !! Baker Street here we come..

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What the frick is a Saxamaphone? Still, I'm all for something unusual; unlike the blasted "Saxophone in rock/pop" which is one of my Room 101s. Love it in jazz, can just about tolerate it in Baker Street, but everything else just... :evil: -especially the redone "Pretty in Pink" which replaced a nice, eerie keyboard line with ghastly blowing. Nearly as bad as the banjo.

Rant over, congrats on the find. I'm sure you'll use good taste. Hey, why not play some jazz?
EDIT: Just did a Google search for "Saxamaphone" - I had no idea the term had such use. Apols, Lee - I thought your penchant for typos had struck you.

1Bassleft, I know you're a bit fussy about the wording in your posts but I just spotted a huge contradiction in that last one, sorry:

1bassleft wrote:
I'm sure you'll use good taste. Hey, why not play some jazz?


Congrats Lee, look forward to some clips... :D

(And I knew what a saxamaphone was, best enjoyed with alcomohol :lol: )

There is nothing wrong with jazz, Tim. Contradictory; maybe, but not wrong :)

Saxamaphone - Homer Simpons word for Lisa's Saxophone.
I have a 9 yr old and an 11yr old and The Simpsons is on series record..

Who's 'Homer Simpon' then?


Tim wrote:
Who's 'Homer Simpon' then?



Ah poor old 1B. It's time to rewatch The Simpsons

Think of all the other sax hits you can play Lee. I think Feargal Sharkey had a few. And Supertramp.

I woke up this morning knowing that I'd written a 'BWAHAHAHAHA' somewhere last night, been trawling the forums looking for it this eve, turns out it wasn't too bad tho so I'll leave it on here :roll:

Google being the power for "smug after the event" knowledge it brings, I read that saxamaphone predates Homer, even. It goes right back to swell being an in-word. Looks like jazz is a must if you're going to call it that. Mike has also reminded me that "Logical Song" is an allowed cover and, very much so, "Reasons to be Cheerful".

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