Tennis dads

Sorry 1BL. I could't resist when I saw this story:

Tennis dad in hilarious ‘air guitar’ mime

The world of competitive tennis has been rocked following the shock discovery of the uncanny likeness of a tennis racquet to a guitar. Thirty six year old father of two Gerald Davis of Essex was playing at a public tennis court in Ilford with his eleven year old daughter Moira, when the ball went out of the court. In the time taken for Moira to retrieve the ball, Mr Davis found himself using the racquet to mime to ‘Stairway to Heaven.’ His daughter was not embarrassed at all, and other tennis players on adjacent courts were soon unable to continue for laughing so much at this inspired observation that a tennis racquet might be used for an improvised strumming mime.

‘We thought he must be some sort of professional comic filming a TV show, to come up with something like that’ said one witness. ‘We felt like we were there at the birth of something really new.’ Soon other tennis players had abandoned their games and were miming ‘Whole Lotta Love and ‘Wonderwall’ as crowds gathered to laugh at the new craze. When word reached the All England Tennis Club, Britain’s top seeds were keen to try the guitar mime out for themselves.

Unfortunately the discovery of this uncanny racquet/guitar similarity has made it impossible for the professionals to concentrate on their game. Andy Murray, Britain’s number one hopeful lost in straight sets to a rank outsider yesterday as his concentration on the game was wrecked by the urgent need to mime to ‘Smoke on the Water.’

In a separate development, comic Graham Norton was playing tennis yesterday and observed that it is normal practice to put spare tennis balls in your pocket when serving. He has announced that he and his writers are taking a few weeks off to try and work out if there is any sort of innuendo that might developed around this theme.

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The old 1bassleft vs the 5yr old tennis star story will always remain a firm favourite, never appologise for jogging your memories Mike, that story will always have the legs to run and run. 15 - love.

I've heard two rumors about that story. One was the kid was in a wheel chair, the other was it wasn't even a kid but a dog with a tennis racket in his mouth. It's getting absurd.

I don't know who to congratulate; the writers of that piece or the finder of it. Just to set the record straight, my opponent was over 10, unplegic and female. I got beat, mostly because I am an amateur raquet hacker and don't mind admitting it. It's my misfortune that my fellow moderators are such outstanding athletes. As I watch them running backwards during their city marathons, nonchalently sticking the Vs up at those youngsters struggling to match their pace, I get a real sense of humility.

So I can tell those spreading rumours it was actually just a ball machine that beat you is untrue? Cool!

Lol best reply ever I think you've given us there 1BL.

To think I actually spent time trying not to look tetchy...

OK Mike, you got me. The opponent was a ball machine, built in 1992 and fondly known as "Bella". I described her as unplegic because the wheeled version was another £75 and the tennis club wasn't made of money.

I just wish I could bask in reflected Andy Murray gloryism, but he does insist on being Scottish...

It wasn't just any old dog Mike, it was a guide dog with a blind man holding a tennis raquet.

'Just to set the record straight' :lol:

Im sure we agreed to bury this one Mike, i suppose you saw the spade and pick, it was a full moon, and you thought what the hell.

lee_UK wrote:
It wasn't just any old dog Mike, it was a guide dog with a blind man holding a tennis raquet.

Lol I can't top it !! I can't !

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