Aria guitar, only found 1 other on the 'net. WITH PICS!!!!!!

I have an aria pro II diamond series rock device. And my knowledge of this guitar ends there. The serial number is K016028, so it is not like the average aria serial number which begins with a date. Anyone else know of this guitar? Couldn't find it in the aria archive.



hmmmm.. pictures don't display. the links will work tho!

btw I have all the fine tuning bits, it came with a floyd rose type thingy in bits but it still is put-on-able with a bit of WD-40 lol

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Hi steve! you're free to use this thread but it might lead to confusion as to what is which and whose is where :P So I recommend you to just create a new thread. You should get more views as well.

Hey stevie,

I agree with rsslcs. This was the headstock du jour in the 80's. It appears on American, Japanese, Korean, Etc. Guitars. Given it's widespread popularity, I don't think you can gain much information from a headstock shape match. sb

SB, what are your thoughts on the guitar on the site on page 1? Any use?

hmmmm.. any new news, or is there no more info? Also, what do you guys think about th white aria in the previous post?


Sooo... Anything? :)

Hi rsslcs,

I have been looking for another one of these !Devices! since I got mine maybe 20 years ago (around 1989/1990), and I bought it second hand at the time so I have no idea when these were made.

The serial number on mine is 7010912 and I haven't been able to find it in the Aria archives either. It has Floyd Rose tremolo system etc too, but the body is a bit more pointy than yours (I will try and post some pics if I can find my camera later).

I'd love to know more about this guitar! Thanks for posting about yours, it's the only other guitar I have ever seen of the same 'model' as mine.


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