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I have a E-H Big Muff Pi, which is a year old. It has suddenly developed this problem when the effect is turned off (bypass) nothing comes out of it, or it barely has anything, and it acts like it breaks up really bad. WHen the effect is turned on, it seems to work ok. It's not another cable or stompbox, for I singled everything out. It's the effect itself. ANyone have or know of anyone who has or have had this issue with this effect? Just wondering where to start. ANy help would be...well...helpfull. HNR to all!

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I'd be tempted to open it up, ive made some Volume pedals with true bypass and mine had a cable going to toe switch (on/off) then on to the volume pot (effect) then on to output jack, but the bypass went to toe switch then directly to output jack, i be your cable has come loose, just solder it back on.

Trace your cables, when you open the back you should see a 2 cables going to the on/off switch, the switch should be single or double pole double throw, trace the cable which goes to the switch and then on to the output jack, the other cable should go to the switch and then the circuit board and then the output jack.

I was MORE than tempted...I DID and ALREADY opened it. Not a whole lot inside, for the size of the pedal. The toe switch is a DPDT from what I am told. I looked at all the wires...soldered connections...etc, and they all seem ok. I even gave them a slight tug...nothing loose or falling off or fell off. Everything seems to be mounted securely. Plus it has the circuit board, with some resistors, and stuff. To the nekkid eye, everything looks to be ok. This is what puzzles me, however I am not an electronics wiz, I can only go by the basics...soldered connections...broken wires, and so on. What can I look for now? I have access to a DVOM (DIgital Volt Ohm Meter) if that helps.

Sorry ive taken so long to reply.
It sounds like the toe switch, if you can get a voltmeter set it to continuity,
it should beep when you touch the 2 (black and red?) tips together.
on a DPDT switch you should have 6 terminals, 3 across the top, and 3 across the bottom, you should have a cable going from the input jack to one of these and then off to the output jack.
So lets say the the terminals are numbered like this:

1 2 3

4 5 6

you should press the toe switch and put your tester on terminals 1 and 2 if you do not get a beep then you should then move your tester to 2 and 3, if you still dont get a beep then you have a possible faulty switch, then try the same with terminals 4 and 5, and then 5 and 6, once you get the beep click the toe swicth and test again you should get opposite results, so if 1 and 2 beeped before then this time 2 and 3 should beep.

let us know how you got on.

No appology necessary. Thank you for this information. Someone else told me EXACTLY what you just said, but with the 6 contacts, I had NO idea where to start. Thanks to you, this will give me an excellant starting point, now that I know what you know...etc. Again, thank you and thank you for your reply. I will let you know.

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