The official rock star video games we probably won't see


In this weeks GNW "And Finally," I posted a snippet on the new 50 Cent video game. Looks pretty fun but I also posed the question: What are some bad ideas for video games based on rock stars... Like I said, I'd love to play a Tommy Lee game on my PS2, but yeah, I don't see that one coming, for a number of reasons.

Let me start it off now...

Video games based on musician's lives we probably won't see - and for a damn good reason : :)
Chuck Berry

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A Genetorturers video game would be cool, or even a Gwar game. I'm sure Alice Cooper wouldn't mind having one either. His would have blood, music, and golf.

I'm showing my age, but a Led Zepp endorsed, "Red Snapper Fishing" game might just be a bit 'R'. Caught the fish? Now goto the groupie on level 2...

Then there's Milli Vanilli's "Grab a Grammy" game. The idea is to open your manufactured male models' mouths in time to the randomly-generated music from a nearby sausage factory (shades of Luigi and Mario).

If you get past level 19, "Girl You Know It's True" then you get to Grab a Grammy! It's not over yet, though. It turns into a 1st person shoot 'em up where you wipe out the entire staff of "USA Today" or else get forced to hand back the Grammies, look like a complete arse, and disappear off the map only to appear on VH1's "Worst Videos Weekend"

Milli would be a good a great one, but for one thing, they are not musicians, Pirates of the Caribean 2, Keef as the scared old slaver who knows he doing all right, but the one you couldnt make would involve Michael Jackson, some Jesus Juice, a tube of Smarties, a stack of porn, and an even bigger stack of Lawyers

Well there was a Jacko game back in the 80's called Moonwalker? I believe. But like you say, obviously no jesus juice or "overweight and charmless" prosecution witnesses. I bet the new one would be called "Neverland, NeverGuilty". Brings new meaning to letting the TV babysit your kids dont ya think.

Haven't been following the trial on satellite, but the prosecution witness was "overweight and charmless" eh?

So calling Jay Leno for the defence might have been in the interest of balance?


Might be onto something there..

The moment came when Star Arvizo, an overweight and charmless 14-year-old — and the brother of Mr Jackson’s alleged child abuse victim...,,14929-1521806,00.html

Imagine what that sort of description does to a 14 yr old when published around the globe.

:shock: This the same "London Times" broadsheet that likes to sniff at the practices of its tabloid brethren, and (IIRC) accused US newspapers of court coverage "that would have a British High Court Judge in apoplexy".

Funny, freed of those constraints, that The Times goes down exactly the same route. I know it's only 'the crap' section, but it's one reason why I only read the rag for free in a tearoom or on an aeroplane these days.

I cant remember the last time i bought a paper, we used to get the Mirror maybe 20 years ago, and they ripped the living daylights out of Elton Johns private life, I dont like much of Eltons music but i thought the guy doesnt deserve this, and im paying for it, so i stopped buying them, my mum calls me and she tells me about all the doom and gloom going on in Britain, but it isnt her point of veiw its the daily mails, i keep telling her to stop buying those papers but she never will.
Newspapers are such a powerfull medium, scarey. :shock:

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