The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.

OK, ive said this on another thread, but i think one of the worst finishes to my eyes, is this:
some will disagree, some will say there are worse, but how many will say they love it??

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glw wrote:

(and why is the dodgy looking model wearing thigh-length socks in the last picture?)

some people have a thing about thigh length socks.. :P might just help sell the guitar, when you get older (im 40) you lose the dodgy looking bit

I'm 41 and I still don't find socks sexy.

You know theres something wrong when a thread turns to knocking "models" in thigh length socks :lol:

The animated gif down the far right of this one makes it look even 10x worse -

Oh dear, that guitar is almost worth buying just for the comedy value!

Unfortunately I've since covered (bodyfillered) the evidence but I've got an Epiphone SG which my freind carved a 5-10mm DEEP lizard into which he then painted blue and gold! His arguement was that the previous owner scratched his girlfreinds name into it and he had to remove it. It was the grunge era...

That's almost as bad as carving an X right though the body. I mean, who would do a thing like that?

this one is quite bad, its not a pro job, looks s bit Bob Ross, i think the guy found and airbrush kit in the attic and foolishly unleashed it on a perfectly good guitar..

Nice action, absolutly stunning, well ballanced, sits nicely on a strap, well thats enough about the model, this guitar looks offensive and i cant beleive there are 3 bids on it, read the description, he's very imagnative.

Didn't Fernandes produce a range of guitars featuring Star Wars artwork?

am i just dreaming or did someone post a harry potter guitar in this thread? surely there is one - and im guessing taking to tack to new levels.

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