buying teen son first guitar

Hi everyone,

We are researching guitars for my son. Thinking of either Washburn or ESP. Looking on spending anywhere from $350-$650. What are your thoughts and/or advice on which brand to go with? We are brand new to the guitar scene and there is much we don't know or understand. I am just beginning to scratch the surface about emg's, to have or not to have. I want my son to be able to have use of the guitar for a while before he "graduates" to something better.

Thanks for any info you can provide,

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Washburn and ESP make some nice guitars, so those would be good choices.

I'd also suggest looking at Yamaha Pacifica - they have some excellent guitars in that price range.

But mostly, I'd suggest taking your son into a local guitar store to let him get the feel for which one is best for him - the sales people in the store will be able to help with that.

And don't forget to set aside some $ for an amplifier.

Peavey makes excellent guitars for very low cost. I have been playing since the early '60's and I own and play several Peavey guitars, including one that was supposedly a "beginner's" guitar-a Raptor Plus, strat- like guitar with a humbucker at the bridge that I bought used for $40. I like this guitar so much I have not taked my real Strat out of its case for weeks.
Best thing is to play as many as you can find and get the one that feels best to your son...he will be playing it, and he should really like the guitar-it will make a world of difference as to how he will learn.

Also, please don't make learning a JOB-let it be fun.


Just remember there is a difference between "cheap" and "inexpensive" . You will want to buy him a guitar that sounds good,is easy to play and is of a high a quality as you can afford. The key is "Plays easily", if it is hard to play it will nit get played and therefore be discouraging for a beginner.

I hope it all worked out well for you.

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Hope this helps.

My best advice is this..

1.. If he's serious, his taste will change and evolve. He'll start with one guitar, and eventually end up with something totally different.

2. Don't start him off with a complicated guitar that has locking tuners or nuts. Too much work for a beginner.

3. Try to find something that best represents the music he's most interested in.

4. Don't get him any weird shapes. That just complicates everything.

I like Epiphone as opposed to Washburn and ESP. Although it's hard to find a good one so go to store that maybe specializes in them.

Something that might help people who are looking is our list of the greatest Top Ten Guitars Ever

Yes, it's a bold statement, and as you'll see in the comments below the article, there are certainly some differences of opinion.

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