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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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Nice collection GLW, i can see now why you defend the hardboard guitars, you have 2 of them, and a double neck too!

Lee, I really love my Danelectros. (I did have three, but I sold the Convertible). They have a particular vibe to them that you can't get from other guitars. I think the weird construction method coupled with the unusual choice of materials actually gives them a special kind of resonance, and this together with the lipstick pickups gives you some great sounds. Also, they are not the flimsy guitars that you might expect.

I use my 56'U2 model for playing about with different tunings. It's currently in DADGAD but more often spends its time in EADGAD.

By the way, the eagle-eyed of you out there may have noticed that the 56'U2 has mis-matched coloured neck and body. This is because they came from separate guitars. I'm not sure what happened to the one the neck came from, but the body I bought from some guy whose mate had dropped the guitar on a tiled floor and smashed the head off. I bought it as a smashed guitar for cannibalisation, but I already had the neck waiting in my box of spares! Having assembled it my original intention was to sell the guitar, but I ended up liking it so much I didn't want to part with it.

601blues wrote:
Iam da other way I don't collect em I just play da heck outta em,The Sheraton was owned by John Lee,at one time, But I have everything I need for every sound I have wanted to produce,thease are about half, of my Harum, the only thing being added right now is a National Reso-electric,in May after that I have got to finish my 49 chevy Truck,I cain't spend money on Both!!

Totally agree Blues, I have 3 Guitars/basses in total, they all do what I want and sound great (and were cheap!) The Aria and Framus are played daily my Epi SG at least once a week.

Good call on the truck too. Could start a whole new thread but I'll resist it being a Guitar site n'all

I like all of them, but I'm wondering about the fur-covered BB King style. Isn't the neck a bit twisted?

Yup! dis is muh 3rd love,1st da blues, 2nd muh dogs one in da pic above, border collies, and 3rd muh old trucks this is the 4th one Ive done.

...and what about the saxamaphone?

Man you do have some good eyes,you ben eatin carrotts,anyway yes I do play some sax,On my new cd I included a song with the sax,!! and I have been workin da piano, I bought a young chang,baby grand,I ve been workin it for about 4 weeks ,I can play a mean redention of Home on da Range with both hands!!

FWIW, I know a little about Young Chang. A Korean firm entrusted with Squier production once Fender moved it out of Japan. Young Chang also made "Fenix" guitars with immense similarities to the Squiers so Fender probably weren't happy. Young Chang focused on the keyboards after that.

Man ,I cain't get into a battle of wits with you,Iam unarmed!! but yeah the Young Chang baby grand sounds great!! and has wonderful action!! and I do enjoy it very much!!

Couldn't drop the serious coin to buy any of the big name axes you guys have gone for-but i wanted dual humbuckers with dual controls-this one played nice-looked great and had realy nice finish--sounds super too.

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