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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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I currently have 2 360's, i only took the mapleglow in as a swap for a VoxAC30 a couple of months ago. I also have a fireglow 360V64, which is the hisotric reissue, The Vox only cost me £400 so as long as the Ric is worth that im OK.
Mike the 360 isnt short and stubby, i think you are getting mixed up with the 325, the little John Lennon one, the 360 is the Paul Weller / Jam - George Harrison 1964/65 era semi accoustic.

After several years, I realized that I never played the bottom string, so I took it off and filled it in with wood putty. It's a gibson gothic explorer. :o

Top string, you mean.

Call me a pedant if you like.

The thin one..

you must have lots of 'e' strings, can i have them, im always breaking mine.

Recieved muh National Reso Lectric yesterday afternoon after six weeks wait!! But it was worth every min this is the most fantastic guitar Ive ever played, wonderful action and rich tone,

With the flame maple top and honey burst finish it looks like a lunar eclipse!!

:shock: The detail is beautiful the blck pin stripe is engraved into the head,and the National sign is inlayed,

Thanks for sending up the pics, 601. I'd pretty much forgotten that your National Reso was due to land in May. It's a gorgeous finish, although I'm a little surprised that the fiddleback maple wasn't bookmatched. It oozes style. How does it sound to you?

I was just blown away with the tone and rich sound, has great action even for fretin, Iam in love with this reso,Ive tried it thu my Mg30 Marshall and my classic 50 4/10 and my JCM 900 marshall and it just amased me with its punch and sustain, like I said Iam in love, worth the wait!! Bass, as far as book match, I went and checked it out, and what you see inda pic is where They split the cap right and left is giving off different light looking straight ahead it is perfact lines as you move you vision offcenter the lines seem to move kinda like a 3 d effect wierd!! but I assure lookin at it under reg light the lines match!! the flash must have caused the lines to seem off

A semi useless pic of my current guitars.. Cant really see much, but is the only group pic i have at the moment. Sorry.

Front to back:

Maton Mastersound Custom (MS2000)
Ibanez RG470L
Maton EBG808CL with custom Maton AP5mic P\U
Maton Tommy Emmanual 1996 - Custom (TE)
Old Crappy Fender BBQ acoustic guitar..

Taken awhile to aquire some of these solely due to my unfortunate mental condition (read - lefthandedness). Also makes it harder to part with any of them. A small collection compared to some i've seen on this thread, but i love em all the same.

(hope the pic posts!.. never done this before)

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