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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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What's the bass guitar, 601? Nice to see it's got the correct # of strings. Four is just one too few for me.

:roll: Excusse me Iam not a Bassist,by anymeans!!But I do all my own bass work on my CDs, I have a great interest in the bass I think a good bass player is awsome,In Blues he is the groove!! SO to ansewer you That is a Hamer 5 String, with active pickups, Like I said I don't know much about the bass but this one sounds great to me, :?

Yes, it's a nice bass. Hamer made among the best of the 8-string and 12-string basses, even available as lefties. A friend of mine in Germany has a lefty Chaparral 12-string, the lucky git. Must cost him for a re-string, though :)

In my exp, blues guitarists can make annoyingly good bass players. The guitarist in my band has a blues background and he often suggests lines to me. They're usually too good to dismiss, which can be quite irritating :lol:

:roll: Well dats why I do my Bass lines,Blues bass is so there out front,not behind the scenes,Ive had a hard time findin a bass play that would be able to handle blues bass,and I live so far out in the sticks to get together was a problem so I just do them, My Ideal of a perfact band for me is a three piece, Bass, Guitar, drums, 2 female backline singers,thats all, A 12 string bass ?? wow!! Ido like the low B on the 5th

A look at will lead you to the Chaparell 12-string.

I agree with you that, once I got a bass with a low B, I couldn't live without it. Half of my old songs were easier on the 5, and almost all of the new songs were impossible without a 5.

:shock: Yup just dat 1 string really framed that patern, and it sounds so much meatier, than droppin down to catch dat B !!

:shock: WOW!!!! I just went to dat site, man dats the first one Ive seen!! But what am i lookin at, is it a 4 string with 2 harmony strings??? you can't play em seperatly HUH!! Please Educate me Bass man !!!! :shock: :?

Yes, it's an EADG with the octave strings either side of the root bass. Not that I've ever played one, but it's gotta be overkill. I'd be happy with an 8-string (although I'd want the fundamental on the topside, for my style).

Better still, you can get righty 10-strings (OK, eBay, made in Korea stuff - bet it's fun, though).

:shock: A friend bought a Behringer bass amp and it has a feature on it call super bass or sometin like dat and it sounds like it has and octive assist like chouris

The octave strings on a 12-string bass, are both to one side of the root, not either side. They are usually "above" but there is a school of thought that they are better positioned "below" (Rickenbacker style) as it opens up the instrument for more chordal playing.

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