Hi everybody!

I just registered up ! Haven't been here in a while, you gotta love the new forums ! great site, I love the rearrangements.
Anyway, a big HI to everyone around.
I got a guestion. probably a newbie question but what the hell.. here it goes .
I play solo guitar in a young band, Im still not that good but good enough for a begginer.
I got a Fender Squier Stratocaster from Japan ( I know it sounds weird but thats what it says on the guitar ) and a zoom707.
I'm thinking of buying pedals ( some nice distorsion, echo and wah for start )
should I do that or should I just stick to guitar fx's ?

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Hello and welcome, Seyo. That's a very fine guitar - one of the early ones which were labelled "FENDER squier" rather than "SQUIER fender". If you Google "Fender Serial Dating" you'll find a very useful site to help you date it. Those early 80s Japanese ones fetch a considerable amount in their own right and are much better than the Fender Mexico guitars, IMHO.

Can you mention your amp and the type of music you're doing? That would help the 'proper' guitarists here with suggestions. Initially, I'd have a thorough play with the 707 and find out which FX you like and which have no use for you. Many good, individual FX pedals now cost a lot of money. Personally, I'd start with a good OD/distortion. This is usually the weakest aspect of a multi-FX unit. If you don't have a valve/tube amp, a single or dual 12AX7 driven unit can work wonders, but can be pricey. Depending on your location and budget, it can still be done. Good solid-state ODs exist, but even these can cost a bit.

Do chime back in with any more useful info.

amp.. amp.. Im not qute sure.. its not here next to me =) I got it from a friend. I know its a marshall 60 W quite powerful.
I would character our music as something Pearl Jam does. Thats kinda closest to what we do.
Well 707 Is full of useless FX's. at least to me. Ive been playing on it for some time now and I've made a nice OD, delay and clean with chorus which I use the most. The rest is just useless to me.
But when it comes to pricing, I think I can arrange that.
Any tips on which OD i should start with ?

Yeah, its a SQUIER fender... not a FENDER squier. thats my bad =)
anyway, I looked it up, its somewhere between 1984 and 1989

Still a fine guitar, the Japanese Squier, whatever the pecking order. As for OD, my favourite is the Matchless Dirtbox, but this is horrendously expensive. It beats the pants off the Mesa-Boogie V-Twin, which is also horrendously expensive. I'm intrigued by the pedals sold by "DHA" on ebay.co.uk; looking past the 'marker pen' amateurishness - they seem well thought out. Haven't tried one, though.

There are the solid-state OD pedals, like the Ibanez Tube Screamer series, but again they are now expensive (and I haven't tried one). Anyone with affordable OD FX recomms?

Ill make sure I get my hands on that Dirtbox =)
thx for all the help, I really appreciate it !!

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