"Optimistic" eBayers

OK, we all see a "get real" auction, so I'm going to set the bar quite high on this one. Can you fulfill all three requirements and give us all a laugh?

1) Guitar is a well-known plank
2) Starting bid and/or BIN is frankly barking mad
3) This is the tie-breaker - a really lame/inventive excuse for the barmy price.

Perhaps ultra-mods like Mike and Jason will come up with a duff prize if the thread takes off. Here's my starter:


Starting bid is twice the value, BIN is quadruple the value, and I love this bit of pitch from the seller - "i would think a fender collector would want one of these and now you can". If I have to, I'll bring up the crummy Marshall cab "as used by Page and Plant" in reserve.

They've gotta be good'uns, people :)

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I saw that bass a while back. Didn't know whether it went in "worst finish" or "worst guitar" thread - should've thought of this thread :oops: . If anyone remembers those 1970s parquet floor blocks (my parents bought into them. The lounge had an evil epoxy smell for weeks, then the floor lifted up like a series of tiny, Scandinavian log cabins), I suppose this bass finally made use of alll the unsold leftovers.

As for that acoustic, I had a look through the seller's f/b to see what was originally paid for it. No joy there, but I had a right laugh at what gets the guy's wallet open. A genuine example of Weird Al's eBay Song; http://www.anysonglyrics.com/lyrics/w/weirdal/ebay.htm, which you must click on if you haven't seen the lyrics. I also would love to know where he gets his £18 guitar strings from :shock:

OK, so $1500 gets you a good, '69 Mustang with competition stripes. Even on mad, British prices; expect to pay no more than £1000. What price this one?

Well, a starting price of 3500 euros (£2400) is the joke here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/FENDER-MUSTANG-anno-1969_W0QQitemZ7355782493QQcategoryZ33039QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

For those of you not conversant in Italian, our chum is saying "This guitar is in flawless condition, except for that cool vintage vibe of having been rested unplayed on a guitar stand for 30 years. Impress your friends with your seeming inability to raise your buttocks from an armchair, lift the damn thing up and play it once in a while"

After a couple of decades playing, I have worked out that you six-stringers have the average bass player (and I'm a distinctly average bass player) by the short-and-curlies.

Still, I'm shocked at how low we're prepared to go. What price our crown jewels? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/2-bass-guitar-nuts_W0QQitemZ7357869634QQcategoryZ4713QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

A bass guitarist's pair of nuts with a "buy it now" price of £4. My eyes are watering, and it barely pays for a bottle of decent wine to numb the pain...

Don't know about a pair of nuts, it looks more like a set of dentures..

Certainly does. Definitely from "Deliverance" but remind me, would they be the banjo player's or the guitarist's? Can't remember which one was the inbred half-wit :lol:

The Half Breed dimwitted brother of Abi normal (who remebers the Gene Wilder film that came from?) could, like all his peers only manage a 4 or 5 string instrument, i think you'll find he played Banjo, only the true intelligent humans (in this case the guy who couldnt see he was going to get shagged up the khyber pass) can manage a 6 string.. :lol:

I remember somebody called Abi in a video I saw on the 'net. You're right, Lee. The in-bred doofus was a four-stringer :oops: . The guitar player suffered no more than a quick bullet in the film. Not for him the "shoor got a purty mouth. Wanna hear ya squeal like a pig. Oink, oink, oink" treatment.

Typical; six-stringers get the best roles. Banjo and bass players in the movies are about as likely to live as the "security" bloke in a red shirt in a "Star Trek" episode.

The seller suggests we should know what it is. I know; it's a cruddy little Jay Turser stuck under the noses of Paul and Ringo with a marker pen proferred:

What I'd like to know is... where does the $3000 price tag come from? Magical Mystery Tosser.

The cirtificate of authenticity picture is upside down and blurred and incomprehensible, a bit like Ringo, why do these celebs sign those guitars? they must know that they get listed on ebay faster than a Ringo Starr drum roll..

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