Ashamed of your country?

Just an idea from another thread. This is a pretty international forum, so I wondered what artiste really makes you wish you were born somewhere else. Have a think (and try to stick to globally knowns). For every great country, there's a John Mellenkamp.

Me? I had a bad time when a friend in Chicago said "Wow! You're from the same country as Phil Collins! Isn't that great?" Er,...

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Woooooo ease up there partner. It's a classic. :)

Tim wrote:
I've got a rating!!! I've posted enough to get a rating!!! that never happens to me on forums I always get bored and forget to go back. this must be particularly exciting...

welcome aboard the vessel of love Timmy

Michael wrote:
Woooooo ease up there partner. It's a classic. :)

A classic in the 'I come from the land of thunder' sense? a world appology wouldnt go amiss there :lol:

Weren't you the one who said Europe's Final Countdown was a classic. If that's a classic then Video Killed the Radio Star is a masterpeice. :D


Billy Ray Cyrus - did any woman not love this man mullet.

Michael wrote:
Weren't you the one who said Europe's Final Countdown was a classic..

Not me!!! ive always been a 'Lady in red' man urrghhh, does Chris de Burgh look like Bernie Eccleston? seperated at birth?? umm :lol:

I just did a Google Image search to compare the two and I think it's time we stopped knocking Chris - every pic is of him prancing about with multiple miss world contestants. Some in red dresses. He's got it made on possibly one of the best karaoke songs ever.

Congrats on the "groupie", Tim. Ironically, awarded after you mentioned sharing the sweat-sack with a well-known drummer - I feel a "views expressed here in no way reflect the ops of guitarsite" disclaimer coming on :lol:

Keep posting; might force a namechange to bassguitarsite if we get quorum; even Lee's spunked cash on a Thunderbird and Ashdown. Before you know it, you'll get to Lead Virtuoso and can pester Mike (as I did) for something more appropriate.

Cross-threading to "crack-up lyrics" but Mrs Bass was fond of "Final Countdown" but she's a bit naive. Every time I heard the line "We're heading for Venus/ But still we're not there"... I loudly sang "I'm sucking your..."

Weeks later, she woke me up and said "just heard it on breakfast radio, it doesn't say that at all." You think I'm making it up, but she really did.

EDIT: What part of Scandinavia were "Europe" from? Do they top "A-Ha" and "Whigfield" (or even "Aqua"?) in the "ashamed of your country stakes?

A-ha and whigfield cannot be put in the same box, A-ha were a pretty decent pop band whigfield was pop-pap, i think you should take back your comments Bass and submit a full appology whilst also acknowledging that 'the sun always shines, on TV' is a true classic pop song.

I used to fancy Bunty, the girl in the "Take on Me" vid, if that helps. Why do I give you this sort of info? Your file on me is an inch thick by now :lol:

Stop side stepping the real issue and submit the full appology. :lol:

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