Metasonix G-1000 tube amp is a F'ing F'er

The Metasonix G-1000 amp is pretty cool: It packs two all tube amps inside, one channel happy, the other angry, and it's all put together in a funky bright yellow case. But what really sets it apart is that it's also called the "Fucking Fucker." Yes, you read that right. The Fucking Fucker All-Tube Amp.

Metasonix G-1000

That aside, what's going on inside...

Metasonix says the two channels are called happy and angry for a damn good reason. "One sucks your face, the other gnaws your foreskin off." Damn I want to see that on a full page ad in Guitar Player.

The HAPPY channel is a more-or-less conventional instrument amp. It has plenty of gain and distortion (if desired), it has a conventional guitar-amp tone control section, and it has reverb. Everything else about it is DEVIANT. It has a PHASE control, which allows mixing of normal and inverted signals—or it may be adjusted to cancel out the original signal and pass only the distortion products....and, it's all made of unusual tubes. Mostly pentodes, ha ha ha.

The ANGRY channel is well-named. It is designed for instability and raw, berserk distortion effects. It, too, has typical guitar-amp tone controls and reverb. It uses a 6BN6 and two remote-cutoff pentodes. Ask your mother what those are. She's already tasted your foreskin anyway.

The output tubes are 6BK5s. Obscure, yes, but great and forgotten. Phase inversion is done with 6GU7s. Various types are used throughout the preamp stages: 6AU6, 6BJ6, 6CB6, 6BN6, 5BQ7, 6AK5, and others. No 12AX7s, of ANY brand. How many tubes? TWENTY-THREE tubes in total. Including eight 6BK5 outputs. It might be the most complex tube guitar amp available today....

The output tubes are in a special self-balancing, self-biasing circuit. It is unique to the G-1000 among guitar amps. It does NOT NEED matched tubes, nor is any kind of bias adjustment needed. Output power is 15 watts per channel, and two speakers (or a stereo speaker) are needed.

Vast ranges of tone are available from the G-1000. We cannot even begin to explain its flexibility. The G-1000 is NOT intended for middle-aged “tone questers”, who believe that they will be able to play like Eric Clapton by simply spending a lot of $$$ on equipment. We HATE those people. The G-1000 is intended for the intrepid experimenter, not the pathetic imitator. Tone questers are invited to DIE.

Stace here at GSite says it's a great idea: Frustrated on stage? No excuse not to scream obscenities. Of course, the only thing that will frustrate about the Fucking Fucker is it isn't coming until late 2008 and it's expected to retail at US $5000. Custom built only though.

I expect this one is gonna pull a crowd at NAMM.


VIA Music Gadgets

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