Who on earth is Steve?

Ever watched a movie, heard a great little tune, and waited for the credits to roll to find out who performed it? Well I did just last night. The film was Copkiller (or Corrupt) from 1983 starring Harvey Keitel and Johnny Rotten in his first acting role. Throughout the movie a great country and western song was played, so I sat prepared to memorize the artist come credit time.

Title of song, check: Tchaikovsky's Destruction.

Name of artist, check: Steve.

STEVE... who the heck is Steve? The performers name is credited only as being Steve. Names don't come much more generic than Steve. It would be like Madonna calling herself Margret.

I thought the Internet would reveal a little more light on this Steve chap, but I was wrong. I was failed by the Internet of all things. I found only more people asking who on earth is Steve.

Which brings me to this post. Does anyone have more information on Steve? Who is STEVE?

- Michael

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I think Steve was more of a one off. No offence intended 'Steve.'

Look up Steve Millington. He was a star on General Hospital at the time, perhaps his full name wasn't used for contractual reasons. He's now a deep sea diver instructor or something, and has "Copkiller, Soundtrack, 1983" on his resume.

One of those tunes that stays in your mind forever, when I was in the military and would fantasize about shooting my antagonist, that little melody, its been so long since I've felt this way, would start playing in my mind, that song helped me through my military career. who the hell is Steve?

The guy You are looking for is Steve Linford. Try entering "Tchaikovski Destruction" in Google, and you will found a page containg a link to download a low-quality copy of the song.

Steve Goodman

I don't know who he is, but he sounds very very much like Skip Spence.

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