Hendrix's 1963 Strat up for auction

Jimi Hendrix's personally owned and played white 1963 Fender Stratocaster (serial L14985) is expected to pull over 120 thousand US dollars at auction.

According to lot info for the Strat, this was one of Jimi's earliest owned Stratocasters.

Guitar Info:

Jimy Hendrix 1963 White Fender Stratocaster

"In 1965 Jimi Hendrix was then known as Jimi James, he recorded frequently with Henry "Juggy" Murray. Jnr at Juggy's studios in New York City. On July 27th 1965 Jimi signed his first exclusive recording artists contract with Sue Records at the Sue offices on 265 West 54th Street, New York City, with Juggy Murray. Skip Juried was the chief engineer at Juggy Sound studios. He was a very good friend of Jimi Hendrix and Skip kept this special guitar for Jimi at the studio on his request. After Jimi's success with the Experience he returned to Juggy Sound to complete the Band of Gypsys album that was to be given to Ed Chalpin."

Jimy Hendrix 1963 White Fender Stratocaster

"Upon completing the Band of Gypsys album at Juggy Sound February/March 1970 this guitar was given to Skip Juried for his help and friendship throughout the years. Jimi also recorded with Noel Redding on the Nervous Breakdown sessions on which Skip engineered, Jimi used the guitar on two of the tracks, 'Blues in 3/4' and 'My Friend'."

References: Jimi Hendrix Sessions page 139

140, John McDermott. In reference to Skip Juried: "Are You Experienced?" page 140, Noel Redding.

Jimy Hendrix 1963 White Fender Stratocaster

Jimy Hendrix 1963 White Fender Stratocaster

Check out the live auction at http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=52935&item=140120649132 or visit FBL at http://www.thefamebureau.com/.

The auction closes Jun-02-07 17:00:00 PDT.

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go jimi!


were's the screw hole on the lower horn !

Wild thing you're blind!
It's right there! :-D

cool guitar!

I am blind too. Please point out exactly where the screw hole is. Unless Jimi played this guitar sitting all the time. How did he attach the strap?
In all the pictures I have seen, Jimi has the strap attached to the short horn (he played a right handed guitar upside down.) Well, this appears to be a right handed guitar. But, I do NOT see a hole on the short horn. The Guitar does appear to be strung upside down. However, the strap would have to go past the neck to reach the existing horn connection. Is it possible there is a hole at the base of the neck where the strap was attached?

Jimi didn't drill holes all

Jimi didn't drill holes all the time bro. Have a look


For questions and any information about this guitar;
and/or, the sale of,
please kindly email to: atwatergoddess@yahoo.com.
Thank you.

can i buy dat

Damn wish i could buy it, Strats from that era are great!
Even a "normal" one from that era is almost unaffordable and this one belonged to Jimi!
And someone mentioned the strap button, i've seen pics of Jimi in the early days and there where pics with the strap attached to the longest horn but with the strat flipped upside down.

holy shit thats a spicey meat ball. nice Guitar

can you give that guitar to me??

linda guitara!!! Carlos Bazil

i love to see strat with spaghetti decals.. it looks cool!!

i love to see strat with spaghetti decals.. it looks cool!!

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Its a lovely old Strat, but I must admit the absence of a strap button on the lower horn is suspect. The only way Jimi could have played standing up without that would be if he tied the strap around the headstock, and I've never seen any pictures of him doing that.

No strap horn or even a hole where it was.I think that speaks for itself. Nuff said !


who cares if there was a strap hole or not! the fuckin thing was owned by the best guitarist ever! you people make me angry. you'll never own it nor will i! so let it go. damn you people are simple minded.

I think a person who wanted to buy the guitar would care about the strap button. The point is that if there's no hole for a strap button on the lower horn, then the authenticity of guitar as a Hendrix guitar is questionable. Why is that "simple minded"? Its a totally reasonable question! None of us here may be buying it, but that doesnt mean we cant simply discuss it. Jeez...

Watching Hendrix playing right now at his Isle of Wight Gig just befor he left this world. His strat definitely had its strap button on the lowest horn.

okay fearst of all. i thot that the only thing the report said is that hey recorded with the strat. and if it realy was one of his fearst strats ever. wouldent the idea of ading a strap button on the lower horn be alitlle retarded at fearst. and last time i heard you dont half to stand up to record.

I'm willing to bet it sounds really nice... if it was from the first recording sessions of his Jimi Hendrix Experience days it would probably bring $350K plus, maybe $500K or more - of you could buy the MONTEREY Pop Festival one from Zappa for $1,000,000... it has 1967 pickups after being rebuilt (after the fire). last I read online it was still up for sale.

As a collector, I DEFINITELY WON'T be bidding on this Strat because Jimi would have had a strap button on the lower bout... just for that reason the authenticity is TOTALLY in question, and lowers the value to the SAME as any other 1963 Strat in the same condition.

wow i just stumbled on this.. I worked at Juggy Sound on 54th st when I was 19 years old..Basically a gofer but wanted to know the recording industry ..I saw Hendrix there once when Steve Katz was the engineer, so I can verify he was there..Whether this is his guitar, who knows...Juggy sound didnt last much longer as it went to Sound Exchange Studio. Studio 54 opened across the street and the rest is history.

Ok. Based on tons research I have done on Jimi Hendrix, I am going to have to say that Jimi never owned nor played this intrument. LOOK AT IT CAREFULLY. and you will see.

Oh yeah and one more thing. I completely agree with "allergic2stoopid" and you should to.

These posts are juvenile. If you wish REAL HARD Tinkerbelle will live too. Without documentation this guitar is woth what a '63 strat would be worth.

LOL, All of Jimi's Strats that he played live had strap screws custom built into the low hornbecause he turned the strat upside down. That is a fake.

The strap button hole is their!! look on the second photo, but it is a bit odd that the strings remain reversed and the starp button on the other side, but there is a bit of damage on the upper horn, where the straop button has been taken off and then out back on but for the lower horn.....there is definately a hole! ;)

This isn't his guitar, he smashed it right? threw it into the crowd and it had a poem on the back, and like someone said further up, wheres the screw whole???

Bollocks, bollocks all bollocks!
well at least this is what I read in his biography bit Sharon Lawrence.

Jimi Hendrix had many

Jimi Hendrix had many Stratocasters over the years. That's how he was able to continue his career after breaking one, you see.


Check this and tell me im wrong.

that guitar is still worth a ton of money


here's a few pics of Jimi with the strap button unmoved...did this guitar ever sell?

Evaluation of Jimi Hendrix

Evaluation of Jimi Hendrix owned 1963 Stratocaster serial #L14985

I examined the guitar you are all discussing in person and saw all the paperwork that came with the guitar.

Upon seeing this guitar my immediate thoughts were that it was almost identical to other known Jimi Hendrix guitars serial number 2573254 1963 white Fender Strat and serial number L89024 1965 White Fender Stratocaster. These two guitars were pre 1966 Fender Stratocasters that Jimi Hendrix is known to have owned. Both those guitars like guitar L14985 have Brazilian Rosewood neck. This confirmed for me that these were the type of guitars that Jimi liked to play and therefore L14985 could be authentic.

One question that I had was that the one button on the guitar used to attach the guitar strap was the original one that came on a right handed guitar. Jimi Hendrix was known to have added a second button as he played the guitars left handed and flipped them over to play. The answer to this question became apparent to me upon further research that this guitar was played in studio by Jimi Hendrix where he would be seated so there was no need to add the second button. It was also revealed to me that this guitar was owned relatively early in his career by Jimi Hendrix, as the Letter From Leon Hendrix states he remembers the guitar around 1968 when he was living with Jimi. It is also clear from photos I found of Jimi early in his career that Jimi used to play the guitar left handed and still run the strap to the button at the bottom of the guitar. This is clear in an early photo of Jimi Hendrix playing with Wilson Pickett, this photo is easily found on the internet and shows Jimi playing a fender Jazzmaster with the strap clearly hooked to the button that is now on the bottom of the guitar since Jimi has flipped the guitar upside down to play.

This guitar comes with a notarized letter from Leon Hendrix stating that he is “certain” that this guitar L14985 belonged to his brother. My first thoughts on this were that Leon Hendrix has sort of questionable background and may just put letters with guitars saying they are his brothers for money. After further research I determined that in his adult years Leon Hendrix has for the most part been on the up and up and further this guitar L14985 is the ONLY guitar that I could find in my research, that Leon has ever put a letter with confirming that it belonged to his brother. If Leon Hendrix were just in it for the money it seems to me that he would have come up with his own 60’s era Stratocaster and put a letter with it stating that it was his brothers’ guitar and probably making himself at least a quarter million dollars in the process. But quite to the contrary Leon made nothing for putting a letter with this guitar.

This guitar is almost identical to guitars 2573254 and L89024. The are all 1960’s strats with small headstocks, Brazilian Rosewood necks and green pick guards. This led me to believe that Leon Hendrix could have remembered one of these guitars and may have mistakenly thought one those guitars was guitar L14985. Leon answered this question by saying he clearly remembered Jimi working on the guitar to modify it as he often would on his guitars. Leon said he remembered that a black mark was made on the inside of the trem block on this guitar. I asked Leon in person in Las Vegas and he said he remembered this prior to seeing the guitar and mentioned it when he was shown the guitar at the Electric Lady Land studios. He then opened up the Trem block to confirm that the black mark was there, that’s the reason that he said the he was “certain” that this was his brothers’ guitar in his letter dated 6-28-06.

It was relayed to me that Janie Hendrix was asked about this guitar L14985 and over the phone said that she did not think that this was one of Jimi’s guitars. Janie Hendrix is the younger sister of Jimi Hendrix, they are 18 years apart in age. Janie Hendrix would have been 7 years old at the time Leon States he was living with Jimi and when he remembers seeing the guitar. Janie Hendrix does not get along with her brother Leon this is a well documented fact. When contacted about the guitar L14985 Janie wanted to hear no other information about the guitar, once she heard Leon had said it was Jimi’s guitar she was adamant that the guitar was not good. If she had been willing to base this on some sort of fact then her word might have meant more, but she dismissed the guitar so quickly that her opinion can’t be valued. It is highly unlikely that Janie Hendrix could remember this guitar having been 7 years old at the time and never having lived with Jimi Hendrix in his L.A. home. It is much more believable to me to take the word of Leon Hendrix who was nineteen at the time. Janie further has a history of disputing any item that is purported to be her brothers that the estate does not get proceeds from the sale of the item. She was involved in and lost a lawsuit on another guitar in which she emphatically asserted was not her brothers only to be proven wrong in court and held liable for damages.

The story told by Mr. Neil Kanoff and his letter referencing Skip Juried and Henry “Juggy” Murray and the chain of ownership of the guitar all check out.

My final opinion is that this guitar did belong to Jimi Hendrix. Leon Hendrix may have a somewhat checkered past, but he has no history of putting letters with guitars and saying they were his brothers. In fact quite to the contrary he has vigorously attacked others who have come forth with guitars saying they were his brothers that he did not believe were genuine. I confirmed everything said by Leon Hendrix with him in person in Las Vegas and it is my opinion that this guitar was owned and played by Jimi Hendris The link below shows a Photo of Jimi with the strap on the low horn. http://www.flickr.com/photos/bpfallon/4304026975/

Thank you

The last sentence of my post

The last sentence of my post should read "I confirmed everything said by Leon Hendrix with him in person in Las Vegas and it is my opinion that this guitar was owned and played by Jimi Hendrix." Sorry for the Typo in Jimi's last name.

this is a fake , i know the

this is a fake , i know the guy that owns jimi's guitar and i have seen it . he was told by jimi's brother that it is in fact jimis guitar . this one is not

Is the strap knob on the wrong side?

I'm a bit confused - it seems to me that the knob you attach the guitar strap to is on the wrong side for a lefty

Anonymous Post 2/18/11 We need more information.

What is the serial number of your friends guitar ? The detailed post on 2/04/11 provided a well thought out arguement for why the guitar is real. You state with certainty that the guitar is "fake" but provide no facts. Other than your friend was told something by Jimi's brother.

Please provide us with.
1. The serial number of your friends guitar. So that we can research it and determine if it belonged to Jimi.
2. The date of the notarized letter from Leon Hendrix stating that your friends guitar belonged to Jimi ?
The post on 2/04/11 states that to everyones knowledge Leon has never put a letter with another guitar saying it was Jimi's.
3. Why would Leon Hendrix put a notarized letter with guitar L 14985 stating it was his brothers and then
tell your friend that this is not Jimi's guitar ?
4. Please provide the provenance of your friends guitar linking it to Jimi Hendrix.


You do know Jimi had more

You do know Jimi had more than one guitar, right?

Hell, its just a guitar, i

Hell, its just a guitar, i dont have to prove anything! I've heard jimmy was a computer model and not a real person, and the music was generated by computer too. That's how he 'can' play 5 guitars at once! I dont think hendrix ever lived?

Computer generated Jimi

That'd one hell of a stack of punch cards... and miles of print out.

Acquired a relic copy of this strat

I recently bought a second US Fender Custom Shop 63 relic from eBay and found it was an exact copy of this 63 Hendrix strat.
It has the most perfect of strat sounds to it. They clearly went to a lot of trouble to build it with the exact buckle marks on the back, missing back plate etc. but it is the tone that is most pleasing. For me it has that dark, over-wound coil sound that is the holy grail of 60's Start sounds.
Whether the original was played by Hendrix or not, and I suspect that it was played by him, this copy is a delight for a Hendrix fan like me. I am sure if the vendor had said it was a copy of the 63 serial #L14985 then he could have got more for it.
I wonder if Fender had made more of these to this same spec. Does anyone know. If so - look out for them.

History Channel "Pawn Stars"

This guitar was on a recent episode of the "Pawn Stars" on the History channel. The dude wanted $750,000 and Rick from the pawn shop offered $600,000 and was turned down. If this guitar was sold at auction in 2007 for $120,000 then the dude was an idiot for turning down $600,000!

1963 fender L11434


original Fender Jazz Master 1964 owned by Jimi Hendrix

This guitar, in mint condition, was played by Jimi in his early career and gifted to Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and Doo-Wopp Hall of Fame of America inductee, J.C. (Billy) Davis, who was a very close associate and guitar influence on Hendrix. This guitar is now available to a serious potential owner by contacting, Harvey Robbins, President and Founder of the Doo-Wopp Hall of Fame of America at harveyrobbinspersonal@gmail.com

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