50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 50 - 30

Halloween is now upon us, so why waste any time. Lets kick off our annual Halloween Ugliest Guitar Countdown. Trick or treat, you be the judge! Here's guitars 50 - 30.

Update: Ugliest Guitars of 2010 are here!

50 - Eagle rock Submitted by: GLW

49 - Whyred? Submitted by: 1BassLeft

48 - Flower power couldn't save this one Submitted by: GLW

47 - Roy Submitted by: Michael

46 - Axl Pose. There is a guitar in this picture Submitted by: Michael

45 - If you like Pina Coladas Submitted by: GLW

44 - Slay this dragon Submitted by: GLW

43 - Frilly neck Submitted by: 1BassLeft

42 - Space Junk Submitted by: Lee

41 - Mr Squiggle on meth Submitted by: Michael

40 - Sax-ah-mah-phone Submitted by: Michael

39 - Tape worm guitar Submitted by: Michael

38 - Flying V at one end… crap at the other Submitted by: Michael

37 - Turtle dragon Submitted by: GLW

36 - I like big butts Submitted by: Acoustica1

35 - Porcelain Pirate Submitted by: castoff

34 - Ibanez F Head Submitted by: 1BassLeft

33 - Santa during his stint with The Wailers Submitted by: Michael

32 - Rhinestone Cowboy Submitted by: 1BassLeft

31 - It stings to see it Submitted by: GLW

30 - Smoking while riffing harms your baby Submitted by: Myfoot

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the tap worm one is actually INDIAN GOD LORD SHIVA DEPICTED on it

and it looks real cool not UGLY michael

and mind u indian manufacturer TANSEN guitars export their stuff to jackson

that one ROCKS

Ease up Aero, its hardly quality art work. I would have mistaken it for a giant carrot.

sure sure, shiva rocks. but would you play it?

i like space junk.

Sax-ah-mah-phone is funny not ugly ...

#39 (Tapeworm), the picture is the Hindu God Shiva, destroyer of guitars.

That Turtle Dragon is hung like a...Turtle

why the hell is steve vai jem ugly, no its not!! and paul gilberts guitar is there too

Who can fit their arm between the acoustic necks? How do you play that fretless neck?

These chicks are hot...who cares about the guitar...

How about a site dedicated to the beauties guitars ever...

Nem semmi :)))

those chicks were HOTT!!! sadly to say i wasn't looking at the guitars! :)

I agree, there are some pretty ugly ones here, but a lot of them are just soooo cool! The saxophone one, and the scorpion ones are my favourites. The flying v at one end is just so stupid that it's funny.

Elas são realmente excepcionais!!
Adorei os modelos!

Haja criatividade na mente de tanto guitarrista!

Parabéns aos criadores.... hahahaha!!!!

C'mon, Steve Vai guitar is awesome! Plus, I liked the scorpion one, lol!

what?guitar ibanez paul gilbert is Ugliest ???
ein man.........

Algumas são bonitas.. mas outras... parece que comeram tóxicos para prooduzir!

If that hot girls come with the ugly guitar in 46...

the space junk looks worse than space junk it looks like a video game controler

the dean cadillac is one of the best looking guitars ever I dont know what you were thinking when you did this dude but the caddy is fucking amazing.

The lefty Dean Silverburst Caddilac is a beautiful guitar. i have a right handed version and love it and most guitar players that try it do to.

To each his own i guess.

number 37 dosnt look THAT bad

São legais essas guitarras...
Algumas são verdadeiras "obras de arte"

those girls pictured wont be able to have childern after being so close to these guitars on this site-NOW THATS POWER...

Yes the Ibanez is pretty stupid looking. And this is coming from one whose favorite 6 string electric was an Ibanez. I've heard gilbert play it, and it does sound good and of course he plays it well, but-- God! Those giant, oversized, painted-on f holes have the same effect as a man with a tiny head and really huge ears.

nossa são lindas,apesar d ter umas q não são né? fala a verdade rs,mas a maioria ,ai eu fico babando kkkkkk

q isso cara, a maioria dessas guitarras são horrorosas,mas hoje em dia tem gosto pra tudo Space Junk q fala da Space Junk,horrível,mas desde que o som delas seja dos melhores eu aceito quaquer uma.Mas tem umas sem gosto que nao tem nada a ve.

41 gem awesome
38 cadilac

q lokura essas guitarra uma e igual a minha a decima oitava

number 41 , 38 ,34 is one of the coolest guitars around..
steve vai signature,Cadillac and paul gilbert signature guitars!!!

are you kidding me ???

the caddy is sick. so is the jem and the paul gilbert model, however, i wouldn't but any of them

Number 44 Actually Looks

Number 44 Actually Looks Amazing.....

46 Axl Pose: at least is the

46 Axl Pose: at least is the best photo

#44... Pwnage.

If I found that #44 one, I certainly would buy it.

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