50 Ugliest Guitars of 2007: 9 - 1

The big mother of them all. You don't want to mess with 9 - 10. Please, only seasoned guitarists look at these! They're not for the feint of heart.

Ugliest Guitars of 2010 are here!

9 - No. Submitted by: MyFoot

8 - The Greateful Dead Submitted by: shakedown_04092

7 - Fire sale Submitted by: Lee/GLW

6 - Imagine how bad the other half looked Submitted by: GLW

5 - This guitar really does give you the blues Submitted by: 1BassLeft

4 - Hole In One Submitted by: 1BassLeft

3 - The Samuwhy? Submitted by: GLW

2 - The mafias new weapon of choice Submitted by: GLW

1 - Global warming is killing our reef guitars

Submitted by: GLW

It's guitars like the one below though, that show just how bad the effects of Global Warming can be.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guitar to this years Ugliest Guitar Competition! Without you, these horrors would not get the recognition they deserve. Happy Halloween!

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Hahaha awful bloody guitars

those really were ugly guitars

Haha... Those are ugly has hades. Nice pics.

Thanks for the comments guys!

I thought a couple were pretty cool... OK, lemme HAVE IT!!! LOL...

i didnt think a couple were too bad but most of them were appalling. ESPECIALLY that samurai guitar.. wtf is that supposed to be anyway?

haha yeah, there's always a few that people don't mind. Even I have a few personal favs in there that I wouldn't mind owning.

one man's meat's another's poison.....

I was actually tempted to put in a bid for the Dobbincaster (the horsey one). It brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Sweet wEb DUDE I love his website but your guitars are ugly lol... -.- rock on!!

Thanks for the comments chaps.

You wouldn't dare would you GLW?

I wonder if they sound ugly? Or if you can get music videos from the owners.

The horsie one that GLW submitted should have made the no1 position, the look on that ponies face was priceless, the ebay auction showed better/funnier pictures.

I almost threw myself away - THATS GREAT - what a laugh!

Thank you all, I wasn't as happy for a long time;-)


Tooooooooo Cooool!

Th grateful dead one and the last one are fuckin sweet!

hey you people told thoose gutiars whos boss but i'd say #5 was the creepest

Crystal: #5 was also a personal fav of mine. Or personal hate. Whichever you choose to call it.

these guitars are fugly and now I have to shite!!!

Yep good ole Number 5 is a horror. Why do people without talent insist on trying to put "beautiful" women in their creations? That broad with her legs spread around the dobro looks like that stinky old beer whore that inhabits every bar in the South (I know, I grew up there) she's in her forties but looks like she is in her sixties and smells like she is already dead and started rotting. The one who never, ever has any money and is forever stumbling towards you while you are drinking your beer, half walking-half falling, over-emoting in a big breathy way "gimme a shigarette" with that nasty breath, one tit halfway hanging out of a dirty blue dress that looks like it was made out of a dirty old bedsheet and probably was. The one that even the old black guys won't touch, the one that's always broke yet always drunk because everyone buys her a drink on the condition that she goes away. She has feet that look like she's never owned shoes and a face that looks like it fell off the back of a garbage truck. Here name is Donna and she has "Property of Bear" tattooed crudely on her ass. You know the one. So what kind of person paints her on their guitar? I don't wanna know.

In my line of work, I would gladly use every one of these guitars.

Some of 'em r kool!!!! not ugly

The grateful dead one is really nice ..!
Also the blues one..!
The samurai sucks big time

These ugly guitars are an obvious effort by the Obama campaign to demoralize conservative guitar players. Don't fall for this obvious ploy!

The blues one with the girl on the blue dress and the Dobro is by a guy names Doug Rowell, as is the golf one. He custom carves whatever the client wants. As far as i know, he carves, the customer paints. Check out his site and you'll see that he is definitely not a talentless guitar butcher.

uh i think #7 was found in the dumpster and he tried to fix it. either that or he likes things to look like real old battled all the way though guitars like this one

Oh shit! Nightmare guitars. Some kind of woods into the fire...

G U I T A R S THAT CAN MELT YOUR TEETH....peaceful death thru bad A R T .

Hell yeah, one is most ugly guitar that my eyes had ever seen :D But each human have own art

I'll like most of those I didn't think they were ugly, but #6 is just horrible what did they do to that poor guitar?

Yes No.5 is bad, really bad, but no.4 is far far worse. It's just bloody awful. The golf ball, the curved handled left handed sand wedge (??), the mawkish sentiment expressed like the worst 1960s Hallmark greeting card you can think of.
I just had to post this comment as the design made me feel sad and hopeless and so so alone.
Having just started playing the guitar this one made me want to give up, go into a bare empty room and face the wall. It made me want to go out into the forest, scoop a shallow hole in the soft mossy ground, cover myself over with dead leaves and just let nature take its course. :-)

nice guitars

Cut off the horses head from #2 then it would be a guitar worth keeping!

The blues one with the girl on the blue dress and the Dobro is by a guy names Doug Rowell, as is the golf one. He custom carves whatever the client wants. As far as i know, he carves, the customer paints. Check out his site and you'll see that he is definitely not a talentless guitar butcher. Roger Waters Tickets

is 1 or 10 worst. 9 would be ok without the wing things and the horse is fine, the burnt one is just a burnt telecaster. SAMURAI SUCKS!

Mott the hoople

had some very ugly guitars which can be seen in the All the young dudes on youtube. Have you any pictures of them? Thanks in advance.


I think many of the guitars were awesome... think of people that have home made this... how long it takes... and wtf... ur just haiting people... i think that its awesome they wanne play that on stage... standing on the stage with a guitar like that is to have balls because many like u think its ugly... but us that know about how to make a guitar and play it think that its cool... Fx. you put a fucking Kiss guitar in here... that guitar could be over 500000 dollars worth... if i could get that guitar i would.... because its a Kiss Speciel u cant get anybody to make that.. because its a Signeture Guitar... and nobody sells it.... and What about the Signetures on it from the band... that guitar is money worth... and many guitars on this page is... normaly it will cost u about 5-10 thousend dollars to get a Costum made guitar... So Fuck off with hatin'

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