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Fender Bling

When I woke up this morning the first thing I said to myself was, "I wish I had some expensive Fender cufflinks".

Top 50 Guitar Riffs of All Time

Gibson have finished the final 10 in their series of top guitar riffs, but should all of these be in the list? Are they all genuine riffs?

Guitar Shop TV - Watch the Trailer

Guitar Shop TV is a new online show for guitarists, with much higher production values than your typical YouTube guitar channel.

Epiphone Vintage Collection - Pre-1957 Epiphone Instruments

I just discovered an interesting mini-site today published by Epiphone - "The Vintage Collection" which boasts The World's Largest Collection of Pre 1957 Epiphone instruments.

The Les Paul Story

Les Paul was part Rube Goldberg and part Thomas Edison — a blend of whacky inventor and genius whose impact on the world of music was so deep and profound that he is one of the few creators who has a permanent exhibit on his life and works at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Guitar Speaker Power Handling

by Kurt Prange The power rating of a guitar speaker is an indication of how much power it can handle without being damaged thermally or m

Interview with Addicted to Pain’s Leo Curley

By Greg Prato Managing to combine the sounds of ‘80s era first-wave thrash and ‘90

The Tremma - Vibrato for Electric Guitars

While flicking channels last night I came across an episode of 'The New Inventors', which is a show where 3 new, never before seen inventio

Interview with Heaven Below’s Jesse Billson

By Greg Prato 'Our sound encompasses the best parts of our influences,' explai

Design And Build Your Own Tube Guitar Amp

By Kurt Prange Why Tubes? If you’re not an electric guitar player or if you’re just starting out, you migh

An interview with Greg Hampton

By Greg Prato Whether it is playing guitar, singing, writing, or producing, Greg Hampt

Guitar Effects Primer

By Greigg Fraser As a guitar teacher I am frequently asked a variety of questions about

Improve Your Lead Guitar Playing: Lesson And Video

By Tom Hess How many of your guitar skills can you use ‘fluently’ when creating, improvising or pla

Interview with Herman Ze German’s James Duke Jackson

Few metal drummers have a name as recognizable as Herman ze German Rarebell. And with good reason - after all, it was Rarebell’s drumming that h

Interview with 2Cents’ Dave O’Rourke and Adair Cobley

By Greg Prato Forget about trying to reach the members of fast-rising metallists 2Cent

Interview with Foghat’s Bryan Bassett

By Greg Prato Foghat is often linked to the classic rock genre, due to such anthems as

Interview with Bushwhack’s Jamie van Dyck

By Greg Prato On their second release overall, ‘Canvas,’ the New Haven, Connecticu

How To Get More People To Come To Your Live Shows

By Tom Hess Are you and your band mates frustrated because you are not getting as many people to come t

PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp Review

By Greigg Fraser Radial Engineering (a Canadian based company out of Port Coquitlan BC)

Ax facts and Stats : All Time Low’s Alexander Gaskarth

Welcome to AFS vol.55 with All Time Low's Alaxander William Gaskarth. ATL is currently on the road as part of the Rock Star Energy Drink AP (Al

Your Fans Are Your Life Blood, But ...

By Draven Grey Do you know who your fans are? Many artists love the roar of

Interview with Free Reign’s Justin Chapman

By Greg Prato One of the toughest metal bands on the scene today has to be Free Reign,

Interview with WildeStarr’s Dave Starr

By Greg Prato Melodic/symphonic metal is a style that has experienced a noticeable sur

Interview with Kings Of Modesty’s Samuel Hjelt

By Greg Prato Hammering melodic metal - in the vein of Queensryche, Dream Theater, and

Interview/Review with Rich Eckhardt

By Detroit Music Notes Rich Eckhardt is no stranger to diversity. Playing styles from roc

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