Videos: Epiphone Guitar Solo Competition

Epiphone and, a competition / video sharing site, recently held a Guitar Solo contest and Chuck Williams has taken top honors. Check out Chuck as well as the other entrants below.

1st place: Chuck Williams

2nd place: David's sweet solo by Curlylocks

3rd place: Chuck Williams

Wtach the others at

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speed never equates to soul....please remember that guitar players.

But it does equate to winning new guitars...please remember that as well. : )


how do u enter this contest ? thanks

is music getting boring again with 1 hr solos im a guitar player of a sort and i do apprecheate talent when i see it the guys on hear have plenty of talent
i prefer to mix chords and solo combined

sometimes people can over elaborate too much perhaps its the need to play as fast as they can ?? but at the end of the day speed is nothing with out the feel ie as one comment put it soul

good luck guys on the comp

I see this contest is over alreday ! and how come I only see 2 people here ? I mean in this contest only 2 video ! Chuck is very lucky I have not enter this contest ! he can play fast but have NO feeling at all ! it sound like a tape player ! most guitar player can play fast but with NO feeling or telling a story in their solo !

(Whew! Lucky Me!) Hey Rock- there were 50 video submissions in the contest. This site only shows the top three placements.
Anyway, there are bound to be other contests in the future. Just keep an eye out for them.

u mean this is the best pick 3 video if so than is a big joke !! if i knew about this contest before trust me u would not have takeing first place !! i saw u on youtube before not to bad. alot of kick ass guitar player on youtube.but u did win so is all good lucky for u this time !

Trust you?! LOL! I don't even know you!
Tell ya what, I always like listening to good players. And, like you said, there are many of them posting on youtube. So, tell us what to search for in that site to see your vids, or post a link to one here.
If you are wanting your playing to be heard, you can still do that.
(and maybe go outside and get some air. Reality check, big picture, ya know? This seems to have flipped you out way more than it should.)

Well Chuck ! what is the point for me to post a video of me here for what ? the contest is over already I won't win any thing ! if u going on to YouTube search for ( Rusty Cooley, Chris Gordon, Guthrie Govan )I'm in the same level with these guy !

ROCK, no matter what you claim, there no way for anyone to know about your playing without hearing/seeing it. But you know this already...
Well, if you change your mind, we'd all like to see a clip. Either way, no pressure, suit yourself.

Chuck, you rock!

Chuck Williams: Awesome solo! I'd love to see you put some albums out. The 'feel good' vibes are what makes the guitarist, in my opinion. That's why I'd rather listen to your music over somebody like Steve Vai. Keep it up, man. Post some more videos or something!

I saw Chuck's winning video before it was taken off Youtube. In my opinion it definitely deserved the top spot. There are a lot of songs with fast but good guitar solos. See The Glass Prison by Dream Theater for instance. Chuck's solo kicked ass.

I've just listened to this guitar player/lover's kind of album, full of CHOICE guitar licks, good lyrics (for a change) and different styles song to song. Very refreshing. The album is called "Get What You Expect", by Daniel Minteer. I don't know which song to tell you to start with ('cause there are many good ones - it just depends what you like) but a fun place to start is this YouTube video called "Spoiked". Check it out!

I think you're all a bunch of numnutz....obviously Chuck fucking rips almost effortlessly on guitar, and has the ability to not just play fast, although that does seem to be his thing....
But no one likes a pompous ass either,...maybe Chuck feels he needs to be so arrogant because of all the jealousy and constant criticism...I'm not a great guitar player, but I'm pretty competent in some areas, but I can't even begin to think about playing like Chuck because that's him...
It's easy to be put off by his arrogance though, and resort to name calling...all the fat jokes and comments about his weight are probably spawned from his attitudes towards other people because as much as he wants to be accepted, he's socially inept...and let's face it...NO ONE IS THAT GREAT that they should be making themselves try and look better, by making someone else feel bad....
Don't hate the player, hate the LAME...
Wow I sound like a f-cking Richie Cunningham....did I really go there?

and yes Chuck, it does suffice to winning guitars....

That chuck dude is KILLER , what a fantasic player , your tapping is superb , i think EVH could learn a trick or two

Hey ROCK ? if your that good then lets see a video I'm sure if your as good as Rusty Cooley then you'd get signed right away

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