Kirk's Weekly Guitar Lesson: New House of the Rising Sun

It's been a busy time for me but I have managed to add the next installment of "House of the Rising Sun" to the lessons. This is part 3 and is more of an accompaniment part that the traditional arrangements we know so well.

I've changed the time signature from 6/8 to 4/4 and I've used a repetitive bass line underneath the chords, which are all triads that move down the fretboard. The lesson demonstrates the way any given chord can be found in multiple positions on the same string-sets.

You'll find that one here:

The other two House of the Rising Sun lessons are here:

Part 1:

Part 2:

I've also done a neat little Blues lesson on my new Strat, a very recognizable rhythm part which you'll be able to use over the years. That one is here:

Guitar for Beginners and Beyond Community -

We're nearing 90,000 members there now, many of whom are very savvy players happy to pass on their expertise. If you're not already a mamber, join up and join in, ask or answer any questions ... we're a very civilized bunch, so don't be shy.

PlaneTalk - The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book -

I think I'll let some recent testimonials speak for me this time:

"Oh Kirk this is good, soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good its unbelievable. Not going to watch the dvd for a week going to let my mind ponder with the info in the book. I just keep thinking about this its great, every 2 seconds it becomes more more clear that this is the way to think about the guitar layout. ... Thanx for a great product" ~ John from the UK

"Hi Kirk, I just wanted to write and say a big thanks for Planetalk. I ordered it a few weeks ago and have now finally had a chance to sit down and read/watch/begin to absorb it. For years I've been fruitlessly searching for a way to link together the little pockets of guitar knowledge that I've been plugging away at - and you have provided that link through Planetalk. I am now using the whole neck of the guitar when playing, and it's beginning to look like a familiar map (rather than a dense forest of random notes). Yesterday I had my first "Aha!" moment and was happily playing along to CDs all up and down the neck of the fretboard! I was grinning like a kid! So thanks again, and hats off to you!" ~ Pipip from the PlaneTalkers' Forum

"I just wanted to complement you on your usefulness practicality of plane talk. Having played guitar for a good while..ive been through the modes/scales and various caged minicourses..I should have found yours first...cuts to the meat of the matter...your slide rule will stay in my guitar need to make a permanent version (hard plastic) as I will wear this out!" ~ Bert from the USA

Once you order the package (book, slide rule, DVD, 'Chord Tone Blues CD lesson') you can join the PlaneTakers' Forum where we all discuss the mindset on a daily basis.

More testimonials here, order it here.

Slide Guitar in Standard and Dropped D tunings -

I stumbled onto a neat backing track recently, one that keeps changing key every 12 bars. It's a great one to practice improvising along to, keeps you right on your toes. I did a slide version which I uploaded to YouTube ( which is a good example of playing in standard tuning. I spent years in the traditional open tunings and still dabble with them, but I always come back to standard or dropped D, which is standard with the bass string down a tone. If you'd like to learn how, I have put together a 70 minute DVD on the subject. You can learn all about is at

All the best,

Kirk Lorange

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