Nominations for Favorite Guitar Pedal

Most guitarists have their favorite pedal - and we want to find out what that is.

We're going to run a competition to find out which guitar pedals are the most loved, but before we do we need to create a short list for people to choose from.

And it doesn't have to be just the big brands like Boss, Dunlop, DigiTech etc. We're looking for the ones that you really love regardless of the name on it.

With that said, if the pedal you can't live without comes from Fender or Ibanez etc, then please tell us about that as well.

Just tell us which pedals, and you can nominate more than one, are your favorites in the comments area below.

We will then take your nominations into account before producing a list of finalists to be voted on later this year.

You can nominate anything from a single effect stomp box like the MXR Micro Amp, through to multieffects processors like the Boss GT100.

The only rules are that they must be guitar effects, and they must be a pedal (no computer software please).

So go ahead and tell us what you are nominating in the comments below.

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The Boss RC-300 gets my

The Boss RC-300 gets my vote.

You can sound like an entire band on your own with one of these. I spend more time playing with this than any other pedal!

Wampler dual fusion

A gr8 pedal!!

Favourite Pedal

MXR Phase 90

Favourite Guitar pedal

My Roland GP16 - with the FC-100 MKII foot pedal controller - Space D is about as good as chorus gets, and the old early digital distortion is now a sound that you don't get anywhere else much - great for variation of distortions. Also the parameters on each voice are so comprehensive - newer pedals are more basic in sound adjustment.

Favorite Guitar Pedal

Hermida ZenDrive

favorite pedal

Boss OD-2R Turbo Overdrive, Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, Radial Engineering Tonebone Plexitube Distortion pedal, TC Electronics Nova System with analog drive, all of the Eventide pedals like the Time Factor

guitar pedal faves

My essential pedals include an original Wampler Pinnacle II Distortion (Indy Guitarist version), emma electronic ReezaFRATzitz Overdrive/Distortion, and a HardWire HT-6 PolyChromatic Tuner

favorite pedal

If I had to choose the one pedal I could not do without it would be my cry baby wah. I think it has made more impact on music over the years than any other pedal. You can always get distortion and tone with the right amp instead of using a pedal, but you can't get wah without a wah pedal!


One of the best pedals I've ever owned is my ProCo Rat distortion pedal. I think I got mine in the early 90s, and I still have it and use it to this day. I prefer the Rat's distortion and tone over my Vox amp's overdrive, and it sounds better than any plug-in.

A close second is my Morley volume pedal. Nothing flashy, but it does what it does. Another early 90s purchase that still works.


I know there's millions of flavour of the month boutique pedals out there that are fancier and much more expensive. But my stock BOSS SD-1 is really all I need to get a good tone, also as a touring musician if I relied on something more esoteric like a boutique pedal and something happened too it whilst in a remote corner of the country I'd never be able to find one or get the thing repaired....Boss pedals are everywhere and never break down.

favorite pedal

Proco Rat

Favorite Guitar Pedal

T-Rex Crunchy Frog OD/Booster. This pedal works equally well with electric and acoustic. The boost is clean and clear and does not color the signal. The OD can take you into hard rock range, but works very well for blues and classic rock sounds. I don't play without it.

I was never interested in

I was never interested in pedals until I saw a video of the Boss DA-2 Adaptive Distortion pedal. It wasn't out yet and I didn't know anything about the world of pedals so I went to the shop and tried out a gazillion pedals from Boss and other brands. None of them felt like they really did it for me. Then when DA-2 finally came out, I gave it a shot in the same store and bought it immediately. It just felt so right. :) Perfect distortion across the whole neck. It's best summed up in the words of our drummer that day I tried it in the shop: "Buying it today or buying it today?"

Best pedal

Has to be the Blackstar ht metal

Best pedals






Whirlwind The Bomb! Sounds

Whirlwind The Bomb! Sounds great on any amp!

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