German H Chord

Joe Trapasso writes:

In German Music there is commonly an H chord. I was curious if anybody has experimented with German music or could explain to me what this H chord is?

whiteaxxxe replies:

In german music there is no "H" chord. The nomenclature changed in 1994/1995. "h" is now forbidden. Germany was the only country in the world, where this chord - or better . this name for a chord was used. "H" means the same as "b" in all other countries. J.S.Bach has called the "b" as "h", because he thought of difficulties with "Bb". In Germany there was - to make the confusion complete - no "Bb", All these chords were called "b".

So, to make it clear: German "H" is in fact "B" and German "B" is in fact "Bb". But only in old literature and in newer ones written by people, that don't know the nomenclature, means most pop-musicians without real abilities and classical musicians that are too arrogant to think that anything could have changed in the last 200 years.

So don't worry, nobody knows, what kind of literature you have. If it doesn't sound right, try it the other way!! :-(((

Wish you a lot of luck to get the right key immediately.


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