Jeroen Hilhorst

Jeroen Hilhorst classical concert guitars are made with an innovative approach. They have the rare combination of a beautiful tone with a very powerful sound. Jeroen Hilhorst constructs his guitars as perfectly as possible. This way he makes only six very high quality instruments in a year

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hi all

Gidday everybody. It´s my first post on this website I spent 6 coffee searching in google to find this forum beautiful website! see ya all jeremy ________________________ pictures from deserts

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You might just like it!

I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Mike Landi and I have opened an online Musicians Collaboration site called Barbwire Studios. If you have never done this before this has to be the most fun you can have as a musician online. You get to help create songs, have people add to

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Cross Guitars

Handbuilt acoustic, resonator and electric guitars. Cross Guitars is a registered trademark resulting from a life of love for music, religion, and musical instrument making. The shop is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachias where one still takes pride in good handwork and patience. Related Item: Roundup of the top Acoustic Guitars currently available

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Rocky Mountain Slides

From the Rocky Moutains of Colorado comes a family of Hand Crafted Guitar Slides like no other! In a process that took 3 1/2 years to create, these slides have a TONE all their own! Although made from ceramic composit material, they range in tone from a thick glass slide thru brass and aluminum, all

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Pickard Acoustics

Pickard Acoustics offers a range of handbuilt steel-strung guitars, and mandolin family instruments, all featuring a unique bracing system which produces a bright tone and even response. Each instrument is built using solid wood construction and employing a variety of tone-woods and spruce tops. Six-string guitars are available in three basic sizes (small, medium and

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Mark’s Guitars

My site is dedicated in particular to left handed guitars. I have acquired a handful of nice guitars over the years. Some are vintage and some are just cool little experiments of mine. If you love guitars, or more specifically, love left handed guitars then please stop by. Related Article: Left Handed Parlor Guitar Roundup

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Shiro Guitars

I’ve got a "Shiro" copy of a 375 Gibson semi acoustic that is a really great guitar – does anybody know anything about the Shiro company – I assume they’re Japanese. When were they in business? What copy guitars did they manufacture etc? Any info would be gratefully received

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