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Jackson Guitars started off providing quality American-made heavy metal guitars to popular artists, headlined by Randy Rhoads. Now under Fender Musical Instrument Corporation, they continue to offer rock and metal friendly guitars at various price points.

Their website features their complete product catalog, including custom shop options and more. You can also build your own customized metal guitar or bass via the Custom Select page. The site also features a community page where users and fans can interact.

If you are trying to get more information about your Jackson guitar and you have the serial number, here is a nifty serial number table that you can use to find out the year and factory where your guitar came from.

Serial Number Table for Jackson Neck-Thru Models:

Randy Rhoads

Custom Neck-thru

Jackson Archtop

Jackson USA Neck-thru

Year and Factory


1982 San Dimas



1983 San Dimas



1984 San Dimas



1985 San Dimas




1986 San Dimas




1987 Ontario




1988 Ontario




1989 Ontario





1990 Ontario





1991 Ontario





1992 Ontario





1993 Ontario





1994 Ontario





1995 Ontario





1996 Ontario





1997 Ontario





1998 Ontario





1999 Ontario





2000 Ontario





2001 Ontario

Serial Number Table for Jackson Bolt-On Neck Models:

Jackson Custom Shop

Jackson Junior

Jackson USA Bolt-On

Year and Factory


1986 San Dimas


1987 Ontario


1988 Ontario


1989 Ontario



1990 Ontario



1991 Ontario



1992 Ontario



1993 Ontario




1994 Ontario




1995 Ontario




1996 Ontario




1997 Ontario




1998 Ontario




1999 Ontario




2000 Ontario




2001 Ontario

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Help me ID my guitar

We have a Jackson Pro Soloist guitar with a bolt on serial number plate, 900965. We also have a pressure case for it. It was purchased between 90-92. Can someone help me find more info?

Soloist? A Soloist is neck

Soloist? A Soloist is neck thru body. Is yours a bolt on neck?
I expect you have a bolt on Dinky or Fusion from 1990 Japan. Check this site out and you should find it.

Please help me to indentify this guitar

I have a 24 fret , floyd rose it also has a made in japan sticker on back of head stock. Hum Sing Hum setup. The serial number 9602445 Trying to find out what year and if it is a MIJ.It is very high quality. Thanks a Million to any response!

That'd be a '96-'98 model

That'd be a '96-'98 model depending on the model. Models can't be determined with a serial. Performer, Concept or Professional logo on the headstock?

Floydrose jacksson made in japan sticker!

I have a similar guitar and also trying to find out more about it. Its serial number 093088 on the 25th fret witch is usless ofc, if you find out more pls email me thx

Sounds like a 2009 neck thru

Sounds like a 2009 neck thru body from Japan. Body shape? Number of frets/pickups/knobs? Shark fin or piranha inlays?


Hi if you send pics i can tell you what it is

NJHA09001593 myne has this

NJHA09001593 myne has this on the back of thr neck

NHJ09xxxxx is 2009 India,

NHJ09xxxxx is 2009 India, but NHJA is odd. Probably a JS series. JS32, JS30, JS22 etc. Body shape? Dot inlays or shark fin? Number frets/pups/knobs? Floyd or string thru? Reverse or standard headstock?

Model and info

I purchased a Jackson off let go mobile app. The serial number is NHJ1048863, has sticker on head that says "Jackson crafted with quality Made in India. Any help would be appreciated. I can't seem to did any info on it.

Made in India, 2010. Can't

Made in India, 2010. Can't determine model with a serial. Probably JS series...JS32, JS30, JS22 etc. Body shape? Description of the specs?

Jackson guitar info.

I have a Jackson Fusion Standard which also says Professional. Serial number is 302109, Try to do some research, I think its a Japanese made 1993 piece. Any info would be appreciated, current value. Thanks.

Info Seriel

Need info serial# 9834971 ?

Dunno what year and model guitar I have

I just bought a V guitar for my sons birthday it has a matte black finish and is the more metal looking V. By this I mean that it has one long V on top and the one on the bottom is shorter. The serial number on the neck plate is 9797066 any help identifying this guitar would be appreciated. Thank you


That's the year it was made as mine is 98

Jasckson USA Year?

I have a Made in USA bolt-on Jackson - Serial 3077. Neck olate says San Dimas.
It's red with a single HB, split coil mini switch, sharkfin inlays and regular Jackson style headstock.

Would like to know model and year - I assume it's a custom shop?


serial querial

Hey i have just bought a jackson dinky of some sort the serial starts with CWJ13. Cwj1312865 is full serial. Just wondering if anyone can tell me what model what year it is and where its from. The guy told me it was quite a new one from usa but im not too sure and xant find the info anywhere. Cheers

I have a Randy Rhoads style

I have a Randy Rhoads style Jackson guitar with a serial #NHL1041782 and has a sticker that's says its made in India. Is this guitar a real Jackson and how much is it worth?.

Jackson surfcaster

Serial# 9685313 was this guitar mfg in Japan?

Surfcaster 9685313

I just purchased a Jackson guitar from a pawn shop and was doing a serial number search to see if I could fid out more about it. Turns out that the serial number is 9685313. Did you own this guitar? Could it be that there are fake Jacksons using the same serial number? Interesting

randy rhodes

Need info serial# 2991911

Jackson Professional Rhoads EX

#915420 Where was this made and how much could if be worth now? Thank you in advance!


What can you tell me about this? Made in Japan, trans blue RR V bolt on.

made from where

Hi, just noticed that most of the serial #'s here starts with 9.
The jackson guitar serial # is 9731101. Is it Japan made or U.S.A made? and the year? thanks.

Model and year of guitar


Jackson Left-handed S/N 9681628

Need help identifying year, model, manufacture shop, really anything you can give me on it. Dark blue lefty with 3-PUs: 1) rail humbucker, no name visible; 2) Dimarzio, Hot rail?; 3) Seymour Duncan Humbucker. 5-position PU selector, volume, tone, bolt-on neck, Black finish Floyd Rose.

Guitar info

I purchased an electric jackson about 6 years ago as a teen (paid about $900 CDN) and would love to know more about this model. It says jackson on the front of the head and has two seymour duncan pick ups. The serial number is 9764822. Any help appreciated :)

country of origin and date of manufacture

I recently bought a Jackson Dinky with 24 frets, shark fin lnlays and reverse headstock. I'd like to know where it was made and what year. The serial number is 9820418

serial number where made and value

I have a Jackson Rhoads EX Professional #303672 Where made? Value?

Jackson ps2


I was wondering if anyone knows where my guitar Jackson Ps2 was made.
Is it Japan?
The serial number is:9651196

Thanks in advance,

Jackson soloist SL3 specs

01060169 Jackson SL3

I need help gaining info, because this one doesn't have hot rails. Wondering if it was supposed to have them.
I heard it was supposed to have a JB in the bridge but all three Pickups are duncan designed

Jackson Professional sn:213283

Natural finish strat shape with 2 humbuckers, Floyd Rose, 3-way slider and a front mounted cord connection (like a strat).
22 fret rosewood. It has a truss rod cover that says Rhoads EX, so a music store guy told me it must be a thrown together guitar, but I think it may just have the wrong cover on it.

identify my jackson guitar serial number 9715786

i would like to know any information date made, worth, spec. ect. please help. serial number is 9715786...thank you

Jackson Dinky DXMGT

I bought a Jackson Dinky DXMGT, Serial number 9717134. It has the Turbocharger push/pull, it has an Archtop, EMG-HZ pickups, reverse headstock and binding. I believe it was made in Japan. The finish is Cobalt Blue. I wanted to know what year it was made.

Thank you

Jackson, Kelly style S/N NJHL08008780

Would appreciate help identifying model, year, origin, and value of a Jackson, Kelly shape, S/N NJHL08008780. I am considering buying it but don't know how to spot a fake. It seems like a great deal at under $200, am I correct? S/N is at the base of the neck, HH config, 24 frets, dot inlays, double on both 12th and 24th fret. Thanks.

identifying the model of my guitar

I purchased an electric Jackson guitar when I was a teenager. All I know is it is a Dinky of some sort. The serial number on the neck plate is 04050956. Can anyone help me identify it?

Don't really know what I have? Any help would be appreciated.

I have a Jackson Electric guitar. It doesn't say Pro or anything on it just Jackson. When I bought online from MF a few years back I paid almost $800. It says Made In Japan and the Serial # is 9849343
Thanks ahead of time!

Jackson Fusion Pro

Hi, Im looking to sell my Jackson Fusion Pro made in 1990 has a few little marks on it but other than that it is fine. Has Jackson pickups.




Please help identify a Jackson guitar, the specs are: HSH Jackson pickups, Reversed head,Black finish, Chrome hardware, Floyd Rose, 24 bunds, and the sn is: 03100037, nothing on the neckplate, and nothing on the head, just Jackson, oh and it has a bolt on neck. Thank you!

jackson neckplate stamps serial 1056534

jackson serial number 1056534 date made is 1991 country of origin is korea?

Help With this model

Hey I want to know which year this Jackson RR3 was made... I can't find reference anywhere (im selling it) and don't want either underprice it or overprice... The last clue I got is that it's from 1998 but can't tell as Im not the original owner and he didn't tell me anything about it

Jackson RR3 (for what it seems ... no sticker on the back of the headstock)
SN: 9817532

Thanks for the help


@@ send me the detail plz

mine is soloist or dinky dun know exactly but 24 fret black with binding neckthough
2 hum and floyrose the series on the neck near the N pu is 1102363

Last Fret NW 1105864

I found out my Jackson was a Soloist SLQX and was made in Japan - possible made in 2011.

Very similar to your guitar(TigerX)

Year, model, and country of origin of my guitar?

I recently bought a Jackson guitar at a pawn shop and the neck plate was blank. The headstock is reversed and it has the serial number 311575681 on it. The sticker showing the country of origin was peeled off. It is black with H-H pickups, rosewood, 24 fret fretboard, mother of pearl, shark fin inlays, and the headstock just says "Jackson" on it. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated. Whatever it is, I love this guitar!

identification of guitar

Hi, I came across a Jackson guitar and thinking about buying it but I'd like to know a little more about it, if you can tell me what year it is made and where it is made? thanks in advance. serial number is 702736. I couldn't find any information on this serial.

identification of guitar

I forgot to mention it's professional series and on its headstock it is written professional, thanks for your help in advance.

Jackson Dinky reverse

Please help identify year and origin.... Jackson Dinky Reverse HSS config jackson pickups, tremelo is gone. Sharkfin inlays metallic blue finish, bought from musicians friend in late 90s... Thank u

jackson v

Trying to figure out which v I have. Serial number starts with 01 has dot inlays.duncan designed pickups. Made in India. Any ideas?

Jackson seriel begins with NH, Then J1103769


I am looking for help on this new purchase of a used Jackson. The store tag said it is a Rhodes V, but I'm confused about the seriel number: NH J1103769. It also has a tiny sticker that say's it was made in India.

Any help is much appreciated!

Jackson Guitar, Japanese serial number

Hey there, I don't know what year or model my jackson guitar is, I just know that it's Japanese as indicated by a sticker on the back on the neck. The serial number is; 9724151

Thank you!

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