Re: Incubus patches... Boss gt6

Posted by guipa on Tue, 10/19/04 - 15:03:18.

: If you find some paches to gt6 plese send me i will give you mine

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Re: ace frehley epiphone guitar.

: : first off...this message board is great!Yeah the Epiphone is pretty sweet, I got one myself afew months ago. It looks good too. You dhould get a whammy-bar on it if you don't have one though

Re: ace frehley epiphone guitar.

: : first off...this message board is great!
: : i have a question im new to playing guitar and i just
: : ordered a new ace frehley epiphone does anyone know how good
: : it is? also is there a website out there that will teach me in the style of kiss-zeppelin or ac-dc songs?
: : the only playing im doing is some riffs& licks cause im not sure how to play a complete song.if anyone can help i thankyou very much.

: To answer your question about the guitar, I think those are cool. The Ace Frehley guitar, is a signature Les Paul, which you may or may not know. I own a Les Paul Standard and it is great. I don't how a begginer is going to adapt to it. If you haven't play a les paul before, I have to inform you that they are extremely heavy. It took me a good 6 months to first get used to it. I could hardly play at gigs, only for a one or two songs. If you get used to the feel, you will have a lot of guitar to play. On the yours you have 3 humbuckers that have a lot output, so enjoy.
: :

Hi guy:
Marc is the Name here. From California.I have all Epiphones for guitars and a couple of Fender strats.I admit i would rather have the Gibsons but who has 5000.00 dollars for an ACE Frehley signature? Perhaps alot of people. I have a Flame top Les Paul and an EDS 1275 Double Neck{cherry}....not that dude is HEAVY. No wonder Page played only Two songs with it.As for learning guitar for your songs and stuff I just want to share some insite for ya. I have played for about 23 years and use big stacks{Marshall 5150 and LINE6 POD PRO With some Hafler Stereo Powered hi fi amps. i guess this is where alot of My money went. There are some things had done to my Epiphones. Like having the nuts replaced with Bone ones and the basic truss rod adjustments and I replaced my pickups with Gibson PAF's and 1957 classic reissues for a smoother or sometimes more powerful sound. However I think you will like the Distortion Humbuckers in the ACE Guitar.
As for you learning some tunes like I thought I saw you mention.....There are some very cool instructional Videos at your local Music Store. Ones by Curt Mitchell. I use alot of Guitar Tabs for reference if my ear has any questions. Remember this much...It will help you alot if you have a friend who can show you alot of the basics and stuff. If you dont have anybody around like this perhaps the videos will make up for this. Basics like your chord positions and scale modes and methods used on scales will make learning your favorite songs more understandable and realistic too. OK?
through the years I have had a couple of friends lay some heavy info on me and I think i was blessed for that. It gave me an insite. i have also owned a few gibsons and can tell you that they are superior in construction but however the later made gibsons are to me not worth the price tag compared to the epiphones.An older gibson or one from the Custom shop ok,but now the money they want for the regular.I got a good understanding of this once when i was down at guitar Center in L.A on sunset strip Hollywood. In there....{ever been there?}...there was Eddie Van halen's cheap copy. It really looked like junk compared to mine. I was surprised!I also saw Sammy Hagars Signature model and I will take my Epiphones over those two any day. And yes I also saw a real 58 cherry sunburst standard GIBSON for ...100.000.00 dollars. I asked the guy who owned it...he said nobody,it's just a 1958. point is if it feels good it is good. If it sounds is good.
You can find killer guitar tabs at you music store too on just about anybody you are searching for .
Let me know how you like your ACE guitar. Im looking at that thing too.And I have been working on some cool kiss songs I have down quite nice. I can be reached at [email protected]
let me know if you wonder anything. Marc California

There is an Epiphone Ace Frehley Les Paul

Epiphone have just recently released the Epiphone Ace Frehley Budokan Les Paul Custom

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