Re: Memphis guitars?

Posted by Monte Dormaier on Wed, 10/20/04 - 17:51:52.

I bought 2 of them in 1977 (about $850 a piece). Both were Gibson copies.
damn good ones. the black ES-175? copy I sold to a friend in 1978. the one I kept, and still own is a copy of what I think is called an L-5. It's a big honey colored maple hollow-body that (except for the fret in-lays and the name)is an exact copy.(I once heard years ago that Memphis was sued by Gibson)
immediately upon purchase I had the necks dressed.
I have never played a guitar I like better.
at the age of 12 (1963)I started taking lessons from a teacher in Spokane, WA named Jack Campbell.
I took lessons on and off from him untill he died 30 years later.
old Jazz Standards in Jack's Copywrighted style called "Melody in Chords". (Which is just exactly what the name implies, and could get pretty complicated).
Jack told me once that of the thousands of students he had over 60 years of teaching, he only taught 5 students how to write music in his style. I was one of them. Wayne Johnson (of Manhatten Transfer)was another.
Wayne practised more than I he is famous and I am not...
But I AM good at making a short story long.
The point I intended to make is that although I have always loved this guitar, the Great Jack Campell didn't like it at all. His complaint was that the string length from nut to bridge was wrong.
I think he didn't like it because it wasn't a real Gibson.
Moral: Guitars are like art. if I like it it MUST be good. PLAY THE GUITAR

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Re: Teen Archer by Blue Oyster Cult

Anyone know what the guitar setup is on this song?

Student of Jack Campbell

I too was a student of Jack Campbell. Took lessons for a couple of years, '65 to '66. I still had a lot of the chord sheets and music up (remember ditto paper?) until a few years ago. Not sure if they're gone, or maybe somewhere in a box that eludes me. Great guitar melodies...old standards. Jack was patient as I am not all that coordinated and terrible finger dexterity. I still play a few of those old songs once in a while, usually for myself as there isn't much calling for that these days.

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