Scalloped Frets

Posted by Victor on Tue, 10/09/01 - 17:36:28.

I saw a guitar featuring "scalloped frets" online today. its 16th thru 22nd frets were all "scalloped"[ie had divets making them seem concave]. has anyone here seen such fretwork on a guitar? is this a common/widely known modification? what are the effects of having such fretwork done on the playability and sound of the instrument? cost? just curious. VIC

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Re: Scalloped Frets

Here is a small list of "factory" scallop jobs on guitars.....
Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster( made in late 80's)
Ibanez Jem (Steve Via model) only the last four frets
Ritchie Blackmoore Stratocaster ( mild scallop)
I've actually played the Blackmoore Strat, it felt like a Fender with Jumbo frets.
Scalloped fretboards make the frets seem larger, thus your fingers don't rub on the board, which makes note bending a true joy.(you can "dig in" more) One can even use some vibrato on barre chords( just squeze the chord harder) . One must also be aware that if you press down on the strings too hard, it will sound sharp or out of tune. I guess you could say, " You have to finesse it".
For more info and reviews go to
Look up either the Blackmoore model or the Malmsteen one, then you will really get the idea.

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