Framus Nashville bassguitar

Posted by m on Mon, 10/29/01 - 20:03:43.


I got a Framus Nashville bassguitar a while ago, is it a good bass and what's it value?

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Re: Framus Nashville bassguitar

: Hi,

: I got a Framus Nashville bassguitar a while ago, is it a good bass and what's it value?

I think it is a good bass guitar. Framus used to be a class A brand.
Don't know about the price. Bought mine 15 years ago for 450 dutch guilders..

Re: Framus Nashville bassguitar


I've had one for around 15 years now. It's in beautiful condition but weighs a ton. I've only used it for recording so far and only a little of that as I'm primarily a slide guitar player. I work with Martin Turner [ex-Wishbone Ash bassist] who describes the bass as 'wacky'. Other bass playing pals have either loved it or found the tone controls weird to get used to. I personally love it as the tones are rich but very resonant. I keep a set of flatwound strings to deaden the sound where necessary as the resonance can get a bit much if you want a bit of 'top' on it. But back off the trble tone control around half way and you'll be amazed how versatile and rich it is. As for value - I would find it very hard to part with but have to confess I only paid £80 sterling for it when I bought it. I think any guitar is worth what someone will pay for it. Smartass comment I know but if someone wants one enough, and they recognise rarity and quality, it's a marketable intrument. And solid enough to pierce armour plate!

Re: Framus Nashville bassguitar

: Hi,

I used to play a Nashville Bass in the mid to late seventies - it was an excellent workhorse and I would always consider buying one if I saw one.

Framus also sold a Nashville six string guitar which was very pretty indeed!

Happy playing


: I got a Framus Nashville bassguitar a while ago, is it a good bass and what's it value?

Re: Framus Nashville bassguitar

What a surprise that there are more Framus bassgitar-lovers. I've a Framus Nashville for more than 25 years now. I think it was about 1978 when I got one for about (now) € 450,-. The sound is warm, the weight: heavy! I use it for gospel and jazz.
When I visited Musik Produktive (Ibbenbühren, D) I found a six-string electric gitar form Framus in the same version in the museum, behind glass.
It would be nice to hear more about Nashville-players!

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