Effects peddles.

Posted by Tim Lynch on Sun, 01/20/02 - 16:47:16.

Is the new boss gt6 a pre amp? If so how does it compare to line 6 pod? Come on, help me out!

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Re: Effects peddles.

: Is the new boss gt6 a pre amp? If so how does it compare to line 6 pod? Come on, help me out!

:I far as I can tell: yes, among others it is a pre-amp. In my local store I've tested the machine, first connecting it to a mixer and nearfield monitors, and next connecting it to the 'power amp in' (not the input on front!) of a Peavey bandit 112. both worked fine. If the pre-amp section wasn't a real preamp the construction with the Peavy could not have been satisfactory. I did this beceause I own such a combo (older model though) but I am not satified with the color of sound. too 'square' so to speak. I'm thinking of replacing (bypassing) the Peavy's pre-amp with the Boss's and only using the power amp and speaker of the Peavy, which are fine as fas as I am concerned. the alternative is a lot more expensive: buying an all new rig alltogether. A comparision with the POD I cannot really make; I have heard it, played it with headphones but haven't had them next to one another. I do know that for me the POD is not a real option beceause the POD seems more designed for desktop use (direct recording etc.)and the possibilities to edit the effects are far more limited. I want a processor for using on stage first. The BOSS seems (promises anyway) to be able to do both and I can well imagine it does. I reckon that as far as color the sounds at a certain stage it becomes a matter of personal taste if you like the BOSS or the Line 6. If one of them 'mimicks' let's say a Twin reverb better then the other is for me not a real criterium: none of them does really offcourse, beceause a Twin also sounds like a Twin because of the construction, speaker setup etc. one in most cases will use another setup, so: different sound. I only listen if the sound provided by the modellers is a useful sound in his own right.
my advice: first, really consider for what purpose you want a machine and with that in mind go play 'em and listen! success, Menno

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Re: Effects peddles.

: I need to know which wah wah pedal to get. I was thinking Boss because of the built in distortion, is that a good choice and can u give me some more info on wah wah pedals?

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