Posted by John on Thu, 01/31/02 - 01:39:56.

I remember Mansfield guitars form the 70's and they were pretty cheap but my best friend had a Mansfield , great looking guitar. He taught me how to play and when he passed away his wife gave me his guitar. It;s not great but I would like to find out any info I can. KV-150 , solid keeps it's tune and easy action and like said great looks , 3 piece back , mother of pearl(fake ?) thanks

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Re: Mansfield

I have a Mansfield Les Paul copy. I'm in the middle of refinishing it. And I don't know anything about it except that it came with DiMarzio's in it. Wish I could help.

Re: Mansfield

I have a Mansfield guitar. I got it for around $90 canadian. I've been trying to find out some stuff about it but no luck.



Mansfield guitar origin

LOL, I’m afraid somebody has spun you a good one. The Mansfield guitar brand started by the Peate Family who had a music store on Mansfield Street in Montreal since 1899. In the late 60s early 70s they had these good quality but low-cost guitars made in Japan to almost identical standards as the big name brands here in America. It is believed that the Ibanez factory produced these guitars. And this happened at a time when the quality of the big-name guitars was declining. It has been said that many of these guitar labels coming over from Japan where of better quality than their American guitars they were copying. Before the 1980s this music store began having their instruments made in China. But that’s with their quality went down hill. So these early 70s Mansfields have a bit of a following and are beginning to be sought after.

Re: Mansfield

I remember them from the 70s too. Played a brand-new one last week.(Classical -rosewood sides solid top - beatiful!) in Payne's Music here in Hamilton ON. I think it MAY be a bigger co's label - I've seen similar Les Paul & Tele copies under Taro, Lero etc. The guy in the store didn't tell me much (distributor etc) but they've been continuing to sell the odd Mansfield classical for years and years.

Haven't seen any new electrics from them for years

Re: Mansfield

Yeah, i never got a guitar in the 70's for the fact that i wasnt born till later on. But i have a mansfield now, and it kinda sucks, but thats what you would expect from an old guitar that wasnt taken care of. John t said he went to paynes music, i would suggest that you bought it from pongetties, of if you bought it 10 years later absolute. yeah im a hamiltanian to. all i gotta say is it has good sound on the lower picups and its fairly decent although mine is badly taken care of...

Re: Mansfield

Absolute music is a really good guitar store. they have the newewr age guitars and pongetties has the classic rockers. HAMILTON ROCKS

Re: Mansfield

: Absolute music is a really Shitty store. they have the A lot of no name products and pongetties Rocks it has brand name products.. Rock on Hamilton

Re: Mansfield

: I have a Mansfield Les Paul copy. I'm in the middle of refinishing it. And I don't know anything about it except that it came with DiMarzio's in it. Wish I could help.

Re: Mansfield

:I have a Model 698M in good condition. Want to know a little history if possible. What styles were available? Is it a 1969 Model or whatever?

Re: Mansfield

It is very difficult to get accurate information about mansfield guitars.
I have been searching about Mansfield guitars origin for quite a while and I recently found very interesting information about this guitar brand. Mansfield was a canadian musical instrument distributor (you will note that most Mansfield owners are in Canada). The Mansfield guitars are OEM made from different musical instruments manufacturers. Recently purchased Mansfield guitars have no special interest, but in the 1970's , the Mansfield guitars were builded by Hoshino Gakki (Japan), the Ibanez makers. If you have a 1970's Mansfield, chances are that it an Ibanez with a Mansfield name on it. The Ibanez vintage guitars are highly wanted.
You can search Ibanez vintage collector websites for more information about the Ibanez story and some information about mansfield. There is no doubt that those guitars are meant to become collector's items because they are apparently the same guitars as the Ibanez vintage 1970s, except for the brand. I will try to start a Mansfield Guitars post in one of the Ibanez collector's website in order to have their historical value recognized, and maybe create a database of the Hoshino made Mansfield models. Meanwhile, take very good care of your old Mansfield guitars!!!
I have a Mansfield FJH4 (Gibson Hummingbird copy Ibanez made)
I am posting this message on all the Mansfield Guitar discussions at hoping it will answer some of the questions about this brand.

Re: Mansfield

I have a Mansfield FJH-3 (Gibson Hummingbird copy )
It was purchased in 1971 - Thanks for the information, that could explain why I was drawn to take a second look at Ibanez guitars.

I also have the fjh-3

I also have the fjh-3 hummingbird, that I purchased in 72, thanks for the info

Re: Mansfield

My dad had a mansfield guiar and i would also like to learn something about it. Its a C-123 mode;

Re: Mansfield

: My dad hd bad a mansfield guiar and i would also like to leat it. Its a C-123 mode;


Re: Mansfield

I have a Mansfield Classical Guitar (model C136), and had it priced about 20 years ago ($1,800). It is in perfect shape and I practice and perform with it regularly. I'd really like to get a new quote on its value if anyone knows . . .

Value of your Mansfield C-136 guitar

I have a Mansfield C-136J I cannot find any info really on it. Did you happen to find more info out about your guitar? If so send me an email. can you send me a few pics of yours? That would be great. Thank you!

value of guitar

i bought a mansfeild model# D380RB and i can't get any information at all of the value i think it was 1970 would really like to find something
about this guitar


@Bear,Ibanez never made guitars with any other name but Ibanez.If it does not have the word Ibanez on it then it's not an Ibanez.In fact ,Ibanez did not even make it's own guitars in Japan.They were made by Gakki for Ibanez.As for the Mansfield name.....Peate Musical originated the 'Mansfield' trade name in the 1950s, named after
legendary Mansfield Street in downtown Montreal.
The Peate retail store was located on Mansfield street, in Montreal, and was the gathering place of choice for local and visiting musicians.
The original Mansfield guitars were produced in the best guitar factories in Japan, by makers who later became leading names in the industry.
The first ones were instruments were made to top level specifications and were among the finest instruments produced.They are still being sold in Montreal to this day but are now cheap Chinese copies for students...


I think you may be inaccurate that some Mansfield guitars were not made at the Ibanez manufacturing plants. I have both ibanez and Mansfield j-200 copies for example, both guitars have the same model number, the Ibanez is a 698 and Mansfield is the 698m and other than the logo and one being maple, they are identical in construction, both have the Gibson headstock. Perhaps this was a limited time mid 70,s, but I would bet dollars to doughnuts they are from the same factory

Mansfield? Hummingbird? or Gibson Copy

I have a Mansfield since the 70s and it is a fine piece for sure. To help with the quest for answers .... search Ibanez model 863 and you will see the exact copy of my Mansfield which is an exact copy of the Gibson Hummingbird. Also known as the lawsuit guitar. My best guess is this is a guitar crafted by the same people who made the Ibanez 683 and simply added a different label inside the body and a different name to the headstock for the Montreal Mansfield issue. That's my best guess.

mansfield f411

I have a mansfi eld f 411 dont know the history of it. its in beautiful cond.any info it does not say were it was made all it says is craftman made

Mansfield acoustic model WG 100

I'm seeing conflicting information on here about Mansfield guitars and the builders...can someone direct me to something substantial for the history?

I recall my guitar was purchased in the 70's and I received the instrument as a birthday gift from my Dad...41 years ago.

Just looking to get some solid information to attach the build history to an instrument I consider priceless



Bonjour, j'ai une guitare acoustique de la marque : Mansfield Custom fabriquée au Japon numéro de série MCW 480 custom. J'aimerais savoir ou prendre des informations sur sa valeur elle est super belle merci à l'avance...

Mansfield TW2 model

I have aTW2 Mansfield acoustic guitar I got in 1971 and I've been told it's a copy of the Martin guitar. If you look at the inside of it you will see its built identical to a Martin because I also have a Martin guitar..l heard that a worker that worked with Martin went to work with Mansfield back in the 70's and put is know how into Mansfield guitars but that's only hearsay and not gospel but it's worth looking into.R

mansfield 698m

made in japan copy of gibson sj200 imported to canada by peate music of montreal, they were located on mansfield st. hence the name. also they had a copy of a gibson dove or hummingbird. identical to the el degas gb29 and several other j200 copies made in same japanese factory.

"If it does not have the

"If it does not have the word Ibanez on it then it's not an Ibanez."
Well... here is a very interesting story....
I just picked up an old ElDegas GB26 today in the classifieds for 50 CAD...
It needs a lot of love and I started cleaning it, wondering whether I will restore it or simply get it back to a playing condition...
While cleaning the headstock, I noticed some unusual reflection in the lacquer where the headstock guitar logo was located.
After further examination, I concluded that these unusual reflexions were not random and that there was a different logo underneath the lacquer.
My suspiscion was that there was an inlay pocket that was originally done on the headstock and then filled with some wood filler to make it flat for the black lacquer finish, and ultimately the vendor logo silkscreen. I thought that aging caused a slight material deflection and revealed the original inlay pocket in the lacquer reflexion...
It was quite difficult to identify, but after some investigation, and many side reflections views from many angles, I was able to identify that the underlying logo was the Ibanez logo from the early 70's era. Once identified, the Ibanez logo can be clearly identified if you look at it with the right angle.
This is fantastic!
My guitar does not have the name Ibanez on it, but it has the Ibanez logo pocket digged on the headstock underneath the black lacquer.
Therefore this guitar is indeed an Ibanez, with another vendor logo on it.
I am not sure how many of these are around, but I feel like I now own a very unusual piece of guitar making history...

They say "If it doesn't say Ibanez, it is NOT an Ibanez!"
Well, I have an ElDegas, and I can say it: my ElDegas IS an Ibanez!
Isn't that cool?

Here is another interesting story...
Last year, I picked up an old Mansfield, also in need of love, for barely nothing as usual...
After endless research, I found out that this Mansfield had many unusual characteristics that were only found in early 1980's Korean made Sigma guitars.
It is practically impossible to have so many common detailed characteristics.
Therefore I have many many good reasons to believe that my Mansfield is identical to a 1980 Korean made Sigma (Martin) guitar, and it is a gem!

To all those asking for a reliable source of information about Mansfield guitars, please read this carefully: there is none!
Although I was able to identify years ago that some of the mid 70's Mansfield guitars were 100% identical to the same era Ibanez guitar, and had mail exchanges with a senior Hoshino-Gakkhi contact that confirmed that the guitars made in their factory were 100% identical to Ibanez, but that there was no records about the different models and brands manufactured, Peate music store did business with many Asian manufacturers over the years, and there is no records of when/where these Mansfields guitars were made, as per mails exchanges with M. Peate. Therefore there is no official information available for your Mansfield guitars.
If you are lucky enough to have a Mansfield guitar that has a model number identical to another known brand, then you may have good reasons to believe where it was manufactured and when. If you are willing to spend endless hours like me trying to figure out common characteristics between your guitar and any other vintage make and model, you may reach a point where you have good reasons to believe when and where it comes from, but your chances of success remain very low.

Hope you enjoyed!

Bear! :-)

mij capri acoustic model 9250

looking for info on capri 9250 . mij copy of martin d35. cannot find much info on Capri. any help?

My Mansfield and Ibanez

Back in the late 70's early 80's, I sold my ovation and got a classical Mansfield C-136 for 50$. I got it in the East side of Montréal in a guitar shop (east of Papineau on a N-S main boulevard... forgot the name), and I still have it here next to me! Anyway, inside the label, very limited info. In the top left corner, it says "Craftsman made", and bottom right, Model No. C-136, and in the middle Mansfield (with its font), and below a bit to the right "Guitars".

Then after reading here a bit, I started looking at mine, and I noticed in the inside of the guitar, where you can see the end of the neck there is a number on it. 73361390. The 6 could be G...

So far as I can tell, the body is Rosewood, the top looks like spruce.

As far as my acoustic, it is actually a Ibanez, model # 1AE800TV, (AE = Acoustic Electric) made in Korea (does not say South). I got this one used at Long and McQuade on Granville Street, Vancouver, BC, back in the 90's. I think I paid 200$. It is a cut away. Needs a tune up though...

Ok, salut! et bonne et heureuse année 2018

mansfield guitar accoustic

i have a mansfield acoustic model 695 from 1970 annybody kno what its worth

Mansfield Model 695

I have a Mansfield Model 695 too. I still play it. It's a great guitar. I use it for slide now, tuned to an open E. I bought it in 1971 from a music store in Tsawwassen Town Center Mall.

Mansfield C123 for sale

Got a good condition Mansfield C123, bought it new in 1975. Keep in good condition. very little scratches and work great!
I am asking $3000 or best offer. royalentrance at g mail . com.

Mansfield F411 Acoustic

Either late 1960s or very early 1970s I bought my Mansfield F411 Acoustic guitar in downtown Halifax Nova Scotia. I think it was $110 back then and it had really good sound for an instrument of that price range. I liked it most because it has a narrow neck and low action, something I needed because I was never good getting the fingers around to the strings. I've always put light strings on it and it keeps a tune for months on end in a constant environment. I love the guitar and it's the only one I've ever owned.


I have an f301 serial munber 708195. Is like to know about it

Model MF120

I was given a Mansfield MF120 but the last string is broken...any idea how much this model cost?

I have a Mansfield F385 12

I have a Mansfield F385 12 chords that I bought brand new and it still in perfect condition ..Anyone with an idea how much it worth ?


Ibanez sold blank Gibson copies in the 70's to music stores where they (the store) were allowed to affix their own logo, I have owned and do own and have seen many many Gibson copies with no apparent brand name, while some may have come off due to the fact that they were often glued on, blanks could have been sold as well, possibly in a catalogue mail order type deal like Sears, not to mention all the other brands made in the Japanese factories. Around the exact same time Gibson was making guitars in Japan 1970-78 including the J200 and the start of Gibson's overseas Epiphones. Ibanez later stopped using the exact Gibson form for obvious reasons of copyright infringement, and copied Guild instead. Most copies in the lawsuit era 1969ish-73ish are copying earlier guitars but in the case of the Ibanez 698 (Concord) or in my Dad's case a Mansfield 698 (the same thing) they are copying current Gibson production models (a bit more than the same thing). Because the copies were a little less expensive and often better sounding with relatively the same appearance they were out selling the real Gibsons which were not much more expensive. My Mom bought this Mansfield 698 for my Dad on sale for around $400 1/2 price with a hard shell case new in the late 70s. The guitar is still incredible and having a Gibson from the same period I can say the quality of the the guitar is very very close to the real thing.

Mansfield guitar

I just recently acquired a Mansfield acoustic guitar model MW335 serial number 811029. Can anyone tell me anything about this guitar. Age ? Wood ?

Mansfield Dove 693

I’ve learned more about Mansfield’s in the last 10 minutes than in the 18 years I’ve had my Dove, bought on eBay for $80. Mine is absolutely identical to the Ibanez 693 except the Mansfield logo is a plastic piece that is tacked in. Looks like it could even be covering up an Ibanez logo. One thing not mentioned here, but I’ll check some other Ibanez sites, there is the letter “S” stamped on the butt of the neck.
I’ve seen one other Mansfield Dove but it lacked the split trap inlays, the Mansfield name was an MOP inlay, tuners and bridge and headstock were different. I suspect that guitar was much newer than mine.

Mansfield Dove 693

I have the same one as you, Shawn, except I see no evidence of the letter "S" and no ghost of Ibanez logo. I am the original owner of this guitar, bought in about 1970, when I was 12 (think it was a birthday present). In mint condition, too. Would love to sell it, as I never play it (It is really too big for me), but no idea what to sell it for.

I have a Mansfield acoustic

I have a Mansfield acoustic guitar model 684BK, serial number 771020. It's a 1969 Gibson Hummingbird Replica, jet black. Does anyone know the approximate value of this guitar?

Mansfield acoustic guitar model 684BK

Does anyone know the approximate value of this guitar in good condition?

Mansfield acoustic guitar model 684BK, serial number 771020 - 1969 Gibson Hummingbird Replica.

Body: Fine grained spruce top, hand polished jet black; mahogany bottom and sides, hand polished jet black.
Neck: Mahogany glued neck; rosewood fingerboard and bridge; fingerboard inlays large perloid parallelograms
Weight: 5.0 lbs

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