250k vs. 500k pots HELP!

Posted by Todd on Wed, 02/13/02 - 02:32:12.

OK. I just got a Seymour Duncan Invader for my 60's Reissue Strat. It has 250k pots in it now because they used to be all single coils. Now that I'm adding a humbucker to the bridge, should I change all the pots to 500k? I was thinking I could make a modification using a set-value resistor only on the bridge (humbucker) part of the switch. Would that work? Help me out if you know about this stuff. Thanks!

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Re: 250k vs. 500k pots HELP!

well it depends on how grunt you want it to sound. If you want heaps of gain out of the pickups, leave the 250k and dont worry bout anything else. I realy would not put in the 500k pot, or you will risk losing the trademark sound of the strat. Wire it all up with the 250k, and if the humbucker is too full on for you, put in a fixxed value between the humbucker and the selector. Hope this helps

250k gives more gain?

250k pots give more gain? I read somewhere that the higher value gave higher output. What's the deal?

Re: 250k gives more gain?

At full volume, both of these pots are at less than one ohm.They should sound the same at full volume. It's the taper that varies(audio,linear,and special tapers)the amount of gain per degree of turning the pot. And then there were CAPS!

Re: 250k vs. 500k pots HELP!

Go to the Seymout Duncan website (www.seymourduncan.com) and check the schematics link. It will provide you with all the information you need for your specific configuration, especially when using their pickups.

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