Tama Guitar?

Posted by Charlie on Mon, 04/01/02 - 01:20:58.

Early '70s model Tama Acoustic. Solid blond w/ abalonie inlay on all edges and on key frets Model #3560, SN 4800108. : Bought new, in great shape and sounds fantastic. Played very little. Does anyone know the value?

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Re: Tama Guitar?

I just purchased a similar model for $375.00. I watch them closely and they start around $300-$500 for a six string, and a twelve can go as high as $600+. I worked for Tama/Ibanez when they made these guitars and have watched for them since. Do you still have it?

Re: Tama Guitar?

: I just purchased a similar model for $375.00. I watch them closely and they start around $300-$500 for a six string, and a twelve can go as high as $600+. I worked for Tama/Ibanez when they made these guitars and have watched for them since. Do you still have it?

Re: Tama Guitar?

Sorry for the previous follow up. I've got a Tama 6-string acoustic model 3558 s/n 6055814. It was given as a present but I don't know it's value. Any help is appreciated.

Re: Tama Guitar?

: I just purchased a similar model for $375.00. I watch them closely and they start around $300-$500 for a six string, and a twelve can go as high as $600+. I worked for Tama/Ibanez when they made these guitars and have watched for them since. Do you still have it?


I have a TAMA Model 3561. My old man got it for me so I have no idea of it's worth, but it has to be one of the nicest I have played, but no one has heard of it. Are they still made?



Re: Tama Guitar for sale model 3565

Ok so I have one purchased about '72. Plays well, lovely condition, blonde wood, inlaid work, super nice, if I don't get any ??$ offers, no case, will ship DHL ground. I will place it on ebay under miamistyles. Thanks, M

Re: Tama Guitar?

: I just purchased a similar model for $375.00. I watch them closely and they start around $300-$500 for a six string, and a twelve can go as high as $600+. I worked for Tama/Ibanez when they made these guitars and have watched for them since. Do you still have it?
I also own a Tama and was just wondering what it was worth and found this site. I saw an old guitar on The Antique show on Tv and it was a guitar that had the same ebony, rose wood as Tama it was 25,ooo. I paid 650.00m for mine in the 70's actually I painted the music store owners house for it. I would n't sell it for a thousand..Its got alot of quality..

Re: Tama Guitar?

I bought my Tama in 1972 and would never trade it for a martin or guild... it is one of the best guitars I have ever owned.

Re: Tama Guitar?

I have a Tama TW-010 That I bought about 20 years ago Beautiful sound and action. I think it is walnut, quite dark. Can any one give me an idea as to its value, it is in beautiful shape.

Re: Tama Guitar?

i have also a tama model guitar 7o's i believe 3651 : 74020422

Re: Tama Guitar?

They arent worth much. A few hundred bucks. Some are good some are bad. WHen you find one on Ebay its probably a bad one. Thing is a guitar from the 70's will today need a neck reset. That repair will cost more then you can fetch for these guitars sale. THere is a mystique about the Japanese knock off guitars like Yamaki, Tama, Takamine but the reality is that many of them had problems. They were after all knock offs of Martin and Gibson. The knockoffs were a learning process so buying one is always a gamble. They used good woods but chances are they need work. Therefore the value really isnt much.

Tama guitars

I am looking at a 2002 post of yours. I own a Tama 3550 classical with jacaranda back and sides with cedar top. I got it in 1972. I have to say the sound is unlike anything I have ever heard. It has a "pop" to it. I don't see it as falling into the cheap catagory at all and with the age of the wood and with the adjustable neck rod, I really think, at least this guitar, has some good value to it. How much I am not sure but certainly more than $300-$400. I am interested in your thoguht inasmuch as you worked for Ibanez in that time frame.


Tama guitar

I have a beautiful Tama acoustic TW-09, along with a Martin D18. If I had to choose to keep one guitar, I would keep the Tama. Its stunning, very playable guitar. I will never sell it!

Re: Tama Guitar?

I have one that is from 1977 or 78. I bought it from a fellow who was a field rep for Tama/Ibanez who had bought it new and had not played it. I have played it little - it looks like a brand new guitar. Not a flyspeck on it. It has basically lain in its case now for over 25 years. I play it once in a while, and it sings like an angel - and the wood work on it makes the best other guitars I have seen look like they were knocked together by teenager. I have a Takamine F-340, a lovely ax, and the Tama is orders of magnitude ahead in workmanship.

Re: Tama Guitar?

: Early '70s model Tama Acoustic. Solid blond w/ abalonie inlay on all edges and on key frets Model #3560, SN 4800108. : Bought new, in great shape and sounds fantastic. Played very little. Does anyone know the value?

Re: Tama Guitar?

: : Early '70s model Tama Acoustic. Solid blond w/ abalonie inlay on all edges and on key frets Model #3560, SN 4800108. : Bought new, in great shape and sounds fantastic. Played very little. Does anyone know the value?

If it helps, I recently purchased a Tama #3561 for $245.

Re: Tama Guitar?

If it helps, I recently purchased a Tama #3561 for $245.

Re: Tama Guitar?

: I have a TAMA 3566 I bought about 1988, I don't recall how much I paid - probably about $175. It is very well made, and sounds very nice when played by somebody who knows what they are doing! Other than a tiny "buzz" on one fret with one string, and a fair amount of scratch wear and tear, it is in good playing shape. I was just pondering selling it along with a Sigma guitar and an old banjo to finance a nice banjo.

Tama 3561

I just took my Tama 3561 in to see a Luthier to see if he could lower the strings because I was 22 years-old when I bought this guitar, now I am 61. He spent the whole day sanding down the bridge and he told me the neck was fine and the guitar was one of the sweetest sounding he had ever heard. I paid 100 bucks to have the strings lowered since arthritis has taken the strength out of my fingers. It does play much easier and this guitar goes to my grave with me. After over 40 years the sound has mellowed much better than I have. Few things in life I have kept this long and taken such good care of and it's worth it.

Tama guitar

I have a Tama that I bought for $400 in 1976. I have played a zillion guitars in my life, and this one ranks among the best. Good news/bad news, bad news first: I wouldn't be able to sell it for anywhere near what a comparable Martin would sell for. Good news: I don't want to sell it. Other good news: If you get a chance to buy one of these guitars you'll be getting a Martin-quality guitar for 1/2 the price, or less. Maybe someday they'll become collector's items, but for now, they're relatively still unheard of, and sell for cheap!!

Tama 6 string acoustic guitar

I got my Tama 6 string acoustic guitar back in '75 or '76. I continue to play it to this day. The sounds remains clear. Would have loved to gotten the 12. I'm looking to connect with other Tama owners and learn about the history of the guitar.


I have a TG-120 that I paid $100 for several years ago. Beautiful guitar with beautiful sound. Not for sale!!! Play it daily, sometimes several times a day.

Tama TG-120

Wanting to do a neck reset on this guitar. Does anyone know if these had dovetail neck joints? The truss rod appears to extend all the way up to the headblock.

tama neck joint

sorry, they are epoxied and near impossible to reset according to my luthier. however he can do them if you want to pay the price.

Tama guitars

Wow, this is an old post and not sure who is still active to view it. I own a Tama classical 3550 which I purchased in 1972. It is solid jacaranda back and sides and a cedar top. It has an unbelievable sound that has a real "pop" to it, almost a flamenco brightness. I find it hard to believe that this guitar is only worth $300-$400. I had it appraised many years ago for $850. I am thinking about selling it.

There are a lot of different stories about the history of this guitar, such as who actually made it (i.e. the Tama brothers as a prototype ...) It also has an adjustable steel rod in the neck. I think it boils down to beauty (looks and sound) is in the eye of the beholder with the Tama's. Weigh in if you feel so led.

Your Tama-3550

HAHAHA--- yes, I know that your post was long, long ago!

However, do you still have this guitar and if so are you still wanting to sell it?
I believe that the 3550 is a classical style guitar? Nylon strings?


Jim. I am NOT a dealer, just a guy who wants to try the Tama's.
702-846 7000

3563 Rosewood Renaissance, tree of life.

I am the proud owner of a 3563 Renaissance (tree of life). It plays, sounds and looks like a dream and they're like hens teeth. Also other tama owners are like hens teeth. The guitars themselves are greatly underappreciated. I live in the UK. Email me if you have and more info on these guitars. I don't think I'll ever sell it but I'd like to know what's it's worth in the modern market!


Hi I have a TW-09, superb acoustic. All solid guitar, plays and sounds just as good as my friends Martin guitars. In fact he wasn't aware of Tama, until I introduced him to Tama. Now he's gained a new respect, as he loves them!!! I've also just purchased a Flagship model TG-160 all solid jacaranda. Looking forward to receiving it!!!!!y

Tama acoustic guitars

Hi Mike, I didn't know if my message got to you or not, as the link never said that it sent. I too live in the UK and it's so nice to hear from a fellow Tama fan on guitarsite! I'd love to see some pics of your guitar?

Hopefully speak soon

Steve Boulton

My '77 Tama 010W is awesome

Absolutely love it, but finally going to sell it (i use a j200 now). I've done some research and it looks like a mint condition Tama TW series should sell for $900-$1200 depending on the model number. I have seen Euro based auctions for TW-09's listed at $1600 on ebay (which seems quite high).

Tama has a ton of models from the 1970s and the quality varies greatly. I was really fortunate to find the TW-010, it was my go-to-AC for 15 years, but I like to change things up. The mid-high end models are great guitars.


Hi Mike I'm a huge Tama fan also please give me an email, as I'd like to contact you regarding my Tama's seeing as you live in the UK. Cheers Steve

Tama 3563


sorry wrong url

correct one:


Tama guitar

Just bought one needs a small fix over all in great conditions come with the cover would like to know if fixable thanks ..


I live in Nashville - I have the 3558-s and have owned it for over 40 years - and although I still need to take my beloved Tama to the Luthier to have it tuned every 7 or 8 years ... it has the best sound of any guitar save some real 3-4 thousand dollar guitars. But still this bass response and brightness and mid-range play-ability is perfect - But the guitar has intonation flaws around the 11th & 12th frets. Those flaws don't show up down lower though...

Tama 3558

I recently purchased a Tama 3558 in great shape. I already had a TG120 which is a later model of the Tama brand.
When I bought my TG 120 and made a comparison with my 1978 Martin D28 I decided to sell the Martin! At least
equal quality! Building qualities are simply great. The main difference between the TG120 and the 3558 is the fret-
work. On most mid seventies Japanese guitars the fretwork is quite mediocre and even on my later Ibanez Artist
AR 300 that is the biggest problem. The fact that sides and back on a 3558 are laminated (though rosewood on
rosewood) doesn't make it any lesser in sound quality. It was done in order to prevent warping problems in the wood
of sides when shipped worldwide. The TG 120 has solid sides and back but is not a better guitar for that reason though
some other specs are better on the second batch of Tama's.
The classic guitar Tama's are a steal but hard to find at least here in Europe! In the Tama workshops they built the
Juan Orozco guitars but also the Kohno branded guitars for the world market: The same instruments!

Hi Tama3558, how much did

Hi Tama3558, how much did you pay for it if i may ask.

Tama 3558 S

My 3558 S has a solid top and I payed 400 Euro's for it which is a steal to my belief. The overall condition of this guitar was remarkably good. The frets could do better so I refretted this instrument and flattened out the fingerboard. When a buyer who isn't a real guitar technician should have done this by a pro you are 200 euro further…. The sound is remarkable but only after I securely flattened out the topnut surface and made a good nut for it. Good contact between top nut and neck especially enhances the bass response!

Tama 3558 Ray Durant badge

I have one of these beautifully made guitars. From all the research I have done it seems that here in New Zealand these Tama 3558s were rebranded Ray Durant. Having seen 3558s represented elsewhere, they are identical, so I have finally solved the mystery of what it actually is.
Importing these Martin D45 copies back then must have necessitated a badge change to get around some legalities, however the build quality is far more important than all that.
A quality guitar with rich sound and nice playable action and the most beautiful wood grain.
It is missing the truss rod cover but I haven't replaced it.
I have just moved house to a smaller place and need to downsize my life so have decided to sell it.
If anyone is interested contact me through this and we can talk. I have a couple of other guitars that I will keep hold of so this needs to be played.

Tama guitar

Just bought a Tama TG model, fabulous guitar equal to my martin D-28

TAMA guitars

Hello, Can you tell us which TG model? And what are your experiences with it regarding sound - fretwork -
playability etc. My TG120 made me sell my Martin D28 from 1978!

I have the TG 160 solid

I have the TG 160 solid Jacaranda. Lovely guitar, rich and silky smooth.

Tama 3561

I have recently purchased a gorgeous 1976 Tama 3561. D-28 type. From US cost almost $900 and about half as much again to ship it over to UK , by the time shipping, customs, and holding charge companies had their cut! But boy is it worth it! What a beaut. The woods are all premium and the tone is just something else, really looking forward to spending time together with this baby. As already mentioned this guitar is right up there with the big boys, and exceeds some of them too. I have some nice guitars already in my collection and have played some lovely ones over the years but this one is staying right by my side

Tama 3561

I have the same model I paid £650 but worth every penny. I would never part with it because these guitars are getting harder and harder to find in good condition. It took me over two years of searching to find this one. Definitely time well spent

Tama TC-10

Got myself a Tama TC-10 classical which needed a fret planning and crack fixed below the bridge. Amazing guitar for the price. With repairs it cost me just about $1000. Crisp highs, piano basses, and sustain for years! Very well executed craftsmanship with solid back, sides, and top. Spruce or cedar top and very nice tight grained rosewood with a cashew lacquer finish. Still shines after 40 years.

Tama Classical 1974 serial ni 74010069

I own this 46 yr old guitar which I fell in love with when I bought it second hand in 1980 for over £200 .I send half of my term grant cheque on it because it totally blew me away - very solid construction with a beautiful tone and resonance it has a very low action and very solid feel. I have owned it for many years now . the machine heads cracked and I changed them a few years back and recently paid to have it fully stripped down and repolished to new standard. its a jacaranda rosewood back and sides and looks and sounds beautiful. I will never sell it . I have seen worn out model for £300-£800 on line and at any price I would recommend buying them and paying to refurbish them - any comments welcome

I think you must have either

I think you must have either a 3550, 3551, or 3552. There's one in eBay now. Gorgeous woods. I still am loving the TC10. It is loud! I am convinced I got the spruce top.

Tama 3561

I recently bought a Tama, 3561 at a loan store for $65. Being a loan store and not a pawn shop, they don't know as much about the merchandise that they buy or give loans on. I was not familiar with Tama guitars, but I did know some nice guitars came from Japan, and this one sounded good and was in good condition. I had no idea how good of a guitar I was getting. They had $69.99 on it, and I got it for $65-out the door. Probably the best guitar deal I'll ever get. I have no intention of selling it.

TAMA Model 3555

I bought my TAMA Model 3555 new in 1976
Some years ago a guitar work shop mounted L. R. Baggs Micro EQ on it and the guitar sounds great!
Today I got it back from a guitar work shop again after a total overhaul.
I love my TAMA and use it a lot!
Can somebody tell me; are the top, sides and back made of solid wood?
Sinc. regards Egil Stenset

TAMA Model 3565

I purchased my TAMA new in 1977 (1976 model). I paid around $325.00 for it at that time.
The top has developed 2 healthy cracks from not keeping it hydrated over the years but it still plays and sounds wonderful.
No intention of ever getting rid if this treasure

Tama 3653

Hey gents,

I have a Tama 3653 renaissance (tree of life) I've never seen one for sale. And even though I'd never sell it i still would mind knowing a worth
. Anyone have any idea??


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