Mann Guitars?

Posted by Al Coholic on Sat, 04/13/02 - 12:51:52.

Pleeze help me. My unlce has a very nice guitar. It says it was made in Japan by Mann Guitars. No, not Manne Guitars in Italy. On every guitar database I searched, I could not find it. Do they exist? Or did they? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEZE help me!


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Mann guitar

I bought my Mann guitar in the late 70's. It's not my 1'st guitar as my mom had a Gibson LG I adopted. But it was the first guitar I purchased myself. Didn't know a thing about them at the time, but it was slightly used and reasonably priced and I was attracted to its look and workmanship as far as the inlay etc.
It had/has no case or paperwork, and no identifying marks or tags exept for L-5 scratched in the bottom of the neck stock. It is a full size arch top electric with a brown to redish yellow sunburst. It had only 1 pickup and 1 volume and 2 tone pots. No intent of selling just wanted to share what I have. I have wondered about the guitar for ever and was glad to get the info some of you have provided. Thanx

Mann Guitar

Purchased my MANN guitar in 1975 in Burlington, Ontario. Shortly after I purchased it I quit my lessons and gave up playing until 2012. It has acquired a few dings over the years but still sounds great. My present teacher identified it as a good quality factor produced item and was impressed with its sound quality

Mann guitars?

I've a double neck Mann! It's a bass over a six string and the bass response is earth-shaking. If SG's came with double necks, this is a copy. It's maroon in colour, and has been stored in it's original hardshell case. I've not played it much due to health reasons and apartment life. (Noise restrictions and all). I paid $400 for it in 1974 at Weiner's in Ottawa, brand new. I'd love to know what it's currently worth.


i own a 70's version of the aj-688....the 80 versions are writen mann 80's on the logo.....anyways...this axe is wicked...neck thru body its a knock off of the B.C RICO and IBANEZ NECK THRU at the time...THE BASS PLAYER FROM HOLE OWN ONE OF THESE GUITARS AND SHELL TELL YOU THE SAME ....(she can buy pretty much anyting i guess ...axe wise)......its a 3000 grand value guitar beleive to a prs ...i would nt change it or a sg yamaha neck tru.... these neck tru ARE the best mann electric no doubt..



AJ 3310

Hi guys, I own an acoustic Mann AJ3310, picked it up from a pawn broker and have had it for a number of years, great sounding guitar, ha a few minor blemishes on the body.
With all this talk of rarities etc. could anybody give me a rough estimate of what they are worth nowdays?

mann guitars

I own a mann solid body electric guitar in mint cond. it is blonde in color and says it was made in japan serial #1065875 it has the one piece neck and fretboard and high gloss finish , beautiful playing guitar . would like to know something about value pa n serial i

MANN acoustic guitar model aj-306

Can anyone tell me when it was made and the value

Mann electric guitar model deluxe 59 'er


Been reading these comments re Mann electric guitars and thought I would add mine to the forum. I have a Mann electric guitar , model deluxe 59'er in very nice condition. Original case. It is off white has two pick ups and is a Les Paul style.Sounds really smooth and rich.

AJ 688

I also have the 80's AJ688 ,bought new in 1981. It is still my favorite guitar, and I have a Les Pau, and a US Strat.
In 1985, I installed a Kahler Flyer locking tremolo system, and Seymour Duncan Humbuckers. This guitar shreds,
I get many second looks and questions from people when gigging. When they try this guitar, they immediately realize why it is my favorite.

Restored AJ688 NUT MISSING

I have restored a AJ688 MANN from 1980. I absolutely love this guitar and remember learning on it when I was a kid. I have a problem. I recently moved and the brass nut was knocked loose and is missing. Where can I find another one? I don't care if its a factory one or a generic one that fits. I have looked on ebay but I am afraid to buy because I don't know dimensions etc... If someone with one of these could help me out that would be great!


70's MANN bass

Wow. No love for ther MANN bass.... I am curious of its tone. Does anyone know about the A911 (Jazz) model?? I found one for $300USD and am considering making the purchase but I can not find any youtube vids about this particular model... I do not want to mod the pickups if they sound as good as I am hoping they will being a copy from the 70's.



Mann Bass AJ947 neck thru

I just bought this bass from the original owner... lovely fit and finish... I mean a neck through body bass should cost way more than $50.00, but that's what I paid for it.

does two mann make a men?

I have a L-6S I bought new and have put away since about 1982. also bought an aj-317 acoustic that I just gave to my daughter. Just looking them up and am impressed to see such a colourful history. Thanks Dave.

Mann guitars were made in

Mann guitars were made in Japan. Gibson sued them for copyright infringement and they went out of business. Then they started making guitars under the name ibinez. I have a 1979 Mann acoustic. I'm sitting with a guy now who has a 70-74 Mann acoustic songbird. Not sure of its exact age and is why I'm on here trying to find out more info on it.

mann guitars

I have a mann modle aj 320 bought for me by my girlfriend in the late 60s & is still in tune & very soothing after so many years but cant find anything on it's origin . everything i see is post 70s whatha got

Canadian distributor Ibanez

Canadian distributor Ibanez guitars, also branded Raven.

Mann Electric Guitar

Hi there, I have a Mann electric guitar and I am trying to find a way to get it appraised. Has anyone found out who can do that in Canada?

1975 mann ,has stamp 75-328 acoustic


A345 Mann Guitar

Looking at an A345 Acoustic Mann guitar. claims to be one of the first made in japan, and a d28 replica. Has anyone heard of this model and is there a way to confirm age?
Love all the comments from you guys

Mann Guitars

I have a Les Paul copy made by Mann from the 1970s and really love it. I have yet to find another guitar which has as good fret board action as the one I have. The sound of it was made even better by upgrading the pickups to humbucking ones. I play it constantly and would never get rid of it. After all these years I have had, only once, to reset the action. I think they are great guitars.

Mann double neck

I'm still trying to find out more about my Japanese Mann bass/6-string double neck which I bought brand new in 1975 for 400 CAD. I'm beginning to think it's the only one they made, too. If anyone can give me some information, especially the model number and name, I shall be forever grateful. I scoured the net, and emailed the factory, but I was told there was a gag order on lawsuit guitars, and they wouldn't tell me a thing. It's the exact same as an Ibanez 2404, except, of course, it has Mann on the headstock. Bass response is monster in this axe, both necks. I just paid 420 CAD for luthier work on this baby, too, but 2017 $ are worth about 1/5 of 1975 $.

Mann Guitar - Les Paul Copy 1980 Vintage

I purchased my first guitar in 1980 from a music store in Ontario, CA. It was a Mann Les Paul that looked like the Gibson Brand. It was a solid body with the Red-Orange Sun-Burst finish, rosewood fingerboard, dual humbucker (generic) pickups, 3 way switch, 4 rotary controls for tone and volume.

Back then I payed about $300 Canadian which was about $250 American at the time.

It's quality exceeded what you need for a first guitar. I played it for many years and never had any trouble with it. I no longer own the guitar, I loaned it to a friend and never got it back.

Some of the hardware could be upgraded to bring it up to the standards I'm use to now days .. where I now play a Gibson Les Paul.

I'd imagine at the very least I'd put in new tuners, and a better bridge if I still owned it today. I kinda remember the bridge being a bit cheap .. back then I didn't know about "intonation" adjustments so it was always the "out of box factory setup". Sounded awesome to me.

What would it be worth today ? ... My opinion is that Gibson Les Paul copy and look-alike guitars are very common .. I'd think it's still worth the $300 I payed for it years ago, but I doubt my old Mann Les Paul would have any collector or vintage value today.

Mann Guitars

I just purchased a Mann Flying -V knockoff...theres no serial or stamps of any kind. It's in nearly mint condition with the original case. As far as I can tell by the logo it's from the 70's but I'm having a hard time placing a value on it..anyone seen a Mann Flying V before or know what it might be worth?


Looking for an orignal bridge, saddle and truss rod cover for an A606 Mann guitar. It is important for me to find these components as it was given to me by my late Uncle.

If anyone has these particular pieces or knows of anyone willing to part with them, please contact me via this forum.

I have looked extensively all over the web and have had little or no luck in locating them.

Thank you in advance.

Mann AJ 320

In helping a friend downsize after her partner passed, I have uncovered a Mann AJ 320, it is in need of restoration, the body looks fine, but the neck needs to be refinished and a new nut put on. I am selling it for her. Contact me for photos. It comes with the case. Make me an offer. I am in Calgary, alberta. thanks.

Mann guitars

I have a mann 2354 sg custom .Its a model A-606T I believe . Would like To know its worth , and if I can get parts as its missing the pic plate or cover . Would love any info I can get about it as I can't seem to find any real solid info as to the value of these guitars . My email is [email protected]

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