Takamine Electric

Posted by Missy on Wed, 04/17/02 - 10:01:31.

I need info on Takamine one piece solid body and neck, 2humbuckers, Does anyony know of them making non Accoustic guitar?

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Re: Takamine Electric

sure do. Have one my self. From what I understand they are another case of the japanese lawsuit guitar. The pickups they come with suck. And you can't get more than about 150$ for one. With all this in mind i still love it. And still serves as my backup.

Re: Takamine Electric

I had one of these that I bought new in the mid/late '80s. I sold it for $175 around 1990 and wish that I had it back. It played great. The humbuckers sounded great for the home recording application that I was using mine for. They were not really that good for a live situation though. Mine was really great looking. The wood looked great and had a nice finish. The body had bevels where the control knobs mounted allowing them to tuck in a little for a really nice flush look. If nothing else it's a great guitar for the collection.

Re: Takamine Electric

yeah i got a black takamine GX-200...solid body and neck, w/ 2 humbuckers..i was wanting info ...and how much they were worth ...

: I need info on Takamine one piece solid body and neck, 2humbuckers, Does anyony know of them making non Accoustic guitar?

Re: Takamine Electric

I have a cream coloured gx-200, great condition, owned it since '95, it's got two humbuckers. My guitar teacher at the time loved it and every time a sub would come in they would go just as nuts over it, such a beautiful guitar, great sound, wouldn't trade it for anything...

Takamine Electric GX 200 TB

: I need info on Takamine one piece solid body and neck, 2humbuckers, Does anyony know of them making non Accoustic guitar?

Re: Takamine Electric GX 200 TB

I've got one of the same guitars, and have had no luck with finding anyone that has seen one before. Although, I have read quite a few reviews online and they have all praised the quality and value of this awesome guitar. I am, myself, looking for new pickups for mine and would like to know more about the stock ones to compare. Any info, e'mail me.

Re: Takamine Electric GX 200 TB

Hi I have beautiful takamine electric and I've been trying to find out more info.....I'm in the UK and so far it's been hard trying to find anyone who knows anything about them!...I'm looking to get new pickup but dont' know what I should be looking for???....the shadow that is in it is knackered and I don't know where to look. Can you help at all? Cheers. Joe

Re: Takamine Electric GX 200 TB

The GX-200 & the GZ340 came with stock pickups that were Dimarzio production pickups like those found in most Ibanez guitars of the time. I have found that you can put pretty much of anything in one of these guitars and they will scream. Good luck

Re: Takamine Electric GX 200 TB

Yes, Takamine made solid body electrics for 2 years and 2 years only. It's a pitty because they are all fantastic guitars. I think it was 1982 and 1983.

Re: Takamine Electric

Hi! I'm from Canada and I own one myself also.From what I found,they were only made for two years and only a couple hundred were massed produced.And yes,as one of the posters stated there was legal problems...thus they didn't continue producing them.They're rare but not sought after.

Re: Takamine Electric

i Have a Talkamine GX-200. i baught it from a junky that needed drug money but i have one! please email me if you want pics or are interested.

Re: Takamine Electric

I've had my black GX-200 TB since sometime in '93 I think.as far as I can tell it's all stock, and I wouldn't change a thing. Running it through a Hot Rod Deville it sounds more like David Gilmore's Strat than my Jag-Stang could ever hope to. A little hard on the feedback, but muffled up a bit, it makes some sweet tones!




Just purchased a cream GX-200 which is fitted with Gordon Smith humbuckers and upgraded grover tuners. I have the old original pickups, but I dont know the make; some say they maybe early Duncan Seymore - if anyone has any info please let me know. Paid £200 for it - looks like a nice guitar and plays lovely.

If more people knew how

If more people knew how amazing these things are, they would cost A LOT more. As a playing instrument, good luck beating them,

The first comment in this string is 10 years old, the guy says he can get them for 150??
Sure wish I could buy a TRUCKLOAD of GX200TBs for $150 in the year 2012...

i love this guitar

It's a pity I can't post pchs here.
I own a takamine black and red, solid body,two humbuckings 81 is a Di Marzio). I love it. Huge sound.
I paid it a little. I think the model is GZ300T or GZ350T I'm not sure. Anybody knows something more?
I write from Italy.
Thank you for any information you can give.

Takamine Electric Guitars

While known primarily for their acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars, Takamine produced a limited run of very high quality solid body electric guitars in the early 1980s. These are the GX100 (Gibson Explorer body style), GX200 (proprietary type body style similar to a Stratocaster, stop tailpiece bridge), GX200-T or TB, (same as GX200 only with a tremolo bridge) GZ300 (proprietary design) and GZ340 (proprietary design). The GX200 and GZ340 contain factory DiMarzio made pickups.

gx1oo has dimarzios as well

yes, I have a gx1oot myself, I took it to a guitar tech who told me Jackson helped design them and the stock pickups were dimarzios

D-60 Acoustic Guitar made by Takamine

Hi I've recently come across an Acoustic Guitar. Made by Takamine specially for someone its a D-60 according to the sticker on the inside. I am just curious as to what it would be priced at. Its in Mint condition and if its worth something Id like it to stay that way. Kids lol

I have a GX100 and love

I have a GX100 and love it’s sound. Would like to get a set of these pickups for my other guitar. Any out there for sale? Or anyone know the brand/model/specs? Thanks

Takamine Solid Body Guitars

I know that the original post is almost 20 years old, but any information provided may still be useful to some people.

I have, or have owned at one time, all of the basic guitar models offered by Takamine. I still have a GZ-350 (trans black), a GZ-300, one GX-200 (cream), and one GX-200 (Stripped down). I had two black GX100s, but have since sold them. They were great guitars, just not my style.
These guitars were made somewhere between 1984 and 1986. There were many more of them made than some people claim. There were not 'only 200 ever made'. No one knows the exact number, but it was way more than that.
There was no lawsuit against them. They just didn't sell as well as expected at the time. Since Takamine was really an acoustic guitar maker, they probably thought it better to go back to what they do best. No one will ever really know.
These guitars were believed to have been made in the famous Matsomuko guitar factory for Takamine, though Takamine denies it. This is strange, since they don't have any records that show much about the guitars. The documentation on these was presumably lost during a move of the factory. No one at Takamine knows much of anything about these guitars. So, how would they know this piece of information? I think that they just didn't want to admit that they didn't actually make them. Again, no one will ever really know.
The majority of the guitars had a sculpted set neck design. Though there may have been some, these were not neck through, as some claim (I have one stripped of the paint that proves this). They had DiMarzio or DiMarzio copy pickups in them. Mine all sound fantastic! The feel of the neck and the balance of the guitars are all great. These are all high quality instruments. All of the hardware (nut, bridge, tuners, pots) have worked flawlessly.
The prices on these have gone up since I started collecting them. I paid $300 for the GZ-300, (the most of any of them), and now see them posted for sale for over $1000. I'm not sure if anyone is buying them at that price.
If you can find one in good shape, for a good price, you would be crazy not to buy it, even if you don't need it (like that ever stopped a guitar owner).

If you are looking to find out how much you should sell your Takamine Electric guitar, I would first say 'DON'T!'. While prices have increased over the years, these are still not at 'got to have' collectors prices. I would estimate the prices below, depending on condition from ok to great *. You may be able to get more for Mint. The GX series are less rare.

GX-100/100T/100BT = $150-$350
GX-200/200T/200BT = $200-$450
GZ-300/300T = $350-$800
GZ-340/340T = $350-$1000
GZ-350/350T = $400-$1200 (rarest)

The other models are even more rare and could fetch higher prices from collectors.

* - This is as of year 2021. If your reading this 20 years from now, the prices would most likely have changed by then, but I'll still have mine (if not dead).

gx200 takamine electric... blue and black and absolutely mint

i bought this new in the mid 80's and its been a great guitar. its always been treated with the utmost of care along with my other guitars. I agree, if you own one, dont sell it... keep it

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