Posted by Rhian sampson on Fri, 06/28/02 - 09:29:07.

Does anyone know anything about a starforce guitar (series 8002) please e-mail me if you have any info.

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Re: Starforce?

yo i think so i bought a star force 2day not sure what model it is pretty sweet though

Re: Starforce?

: Does anyone know anything about a starforce guitar (series 8002) please e-mail me if you have any info.

I just inherited a Starforce 8002 electric and I know next to nothing about electrice guitars. I am a Martin man. If you know anything please advise. I'm going to ask some dealers I know if they have any data.
Thx, Gordon

Re: Starforce?

: : Does anyone know anything about a starforce guitar (series 8002) please e-mail me if you have any info.

: I just inherited a Starforce 8002 electric and I know next to nothing about electrice guitars. I am a Martin man. If you know anything please advise. I'm going to ask some dealers I know if they have any data.
: Thx, Gordon

Hi, My m8 has a starforce 8002 and she really needs to know sumthin about it if any 1 finds any imfo plz contact me and i will do the same if i find anything. Plz help. Luv Me

Re: Starforce?


Here's the only online reference I have been able to find on Starforce guitars:

"Instruments previously produced in Korea. Initially exported by Tropical Music of Miami, Florida prior to their purchase of the Dean company.

The Starforce company was started in 1988. These medium quality solid body guitars feature designs
based on the original Stratocaster, as well as the superstrat. With the introduction of models such
as the 8007 with its more original body design, and several bass guitar models, Starforce seeks to
expand its market niche, but apparantly isn´t producing any guitars at this moment, (Source: Tony
Bacon, The Ultimate Guitar Book )."

I discovered that Tropical Music of Miami is now Tropical Music Export Enterprises, Inc.
( and still located in Miami. I talked at length with their manager who told
me that to the best of his knowledge there were four models produced; the 8000, 8002, 8004 and 8007. All of which (that he could remember) had solid maple bodies and necks. The company only serves Central America, South America, the Caribbean, & the B.W.I. so these guitars were never directly sold in the U.S.. He says that Tropical music has not had a contract with Starforce for quite a few years and that they would not have any records from that far back.

My Starforce:

I own a Starforce 8002 (Marked 8002BZ) that I bought brand new in Hobart, Tasmania for $1,200au (about $480us at the time) in 1994. It has a maple neck and body with a 24 fret rosewood fingerboard. It is painted with a wide (abt 1 1/4"ea stripe) wavey zebra striped design with mother of pearl (pearloid?) detailed inlays in the shape of Saturn for the dots. Originally, the pickups were Skuv Chevz (no idea about that company) EMG style with one bridge humbuker and one single coil neck. The trem is a Fender style with a locking nut and machine heads simply had a large "P" on the backing. I still have the original 2 year warranty card but that is all of the paperwork that came with the guitar new. I also own a Jackson DK2ES and a Musicman Bass, however,
even after sitting in showrooms playing PRS, Ibanez, Gibson, etc... I have never found a guitar that can even come close to matching the fast action and sustain on my Starforce. The Starforce is still my #1 guitar for metal style music.

Things to watch out for:

Over the years the hardware started falling apart. I can't figure out why somebody would make
such a nice guitar and put such crappy hardware on it. The machine heads lasted about 8 years before the pegs came loose and rendered the guitar unusable. I replaced them with a nice set of
Grovers($80). The Fender style trem is chrome plate on the top, but cheap pot metal on the bottom. I just noticed last year that the bottom of the trem was severly cracked all over, almost spider webbed. I replaced the trem with an original Fender trem($70) along with a new locking nut. The input jack started creating an annoying hum and buzz so I replaced that also last year ($5). Earlier this year (the guitar is now 10 years old), the neck pickup quit working so I recently replaced both the neck and bridge pickups with an EMG H4 / S4 combination ($211 whew!). Two small cracks have appeared on the body on either side of the neck mount. I removed the neck and discovered that it was just the finish that was cracking, not the wood. To my suprise, I noticed chisel and routing marks which indicate that the guitar was hand made (at least that portion of it).
All in all I have over $840 invested in this guitar. $480 for the original purchase and $366 in repairs. I believe that it is well worth it because it plays and sounds much better than any $2,000+ guitar that I've held and still looks exactly the same as when it was new, plus it is very unique. If you own a Starforce, I highly reccommend replacing all of the hardware and most of the electronics with quality parts. You'll be very happy with the results.

Re: Starforce?

Dave your a legend. Listen to this guy people.

I just bought a black and white Zebra Pattern Starforce 8002 here in Britain. It cost me £65 at a car boot sale (like a junk sale) and I had the inclination of selling it on for mucho profit. Since playing it I have realised that this guitar is a bargain at twice the price. Its got a great metal tone and the low end humbucker alone gives me great clarity for the ska songs I play. I guess from Daves suggestions that is it around 10 years old. The pickups I think are actually called Skorcherz - not SkuvChez.

Anyway brilliant sound, has stood the tests of time in great stead (everything original still works fine on mine) its got my thumbs up, none of my mates will ever find one and it didn't cost me bugger all.

Re: Starforce?




Re: Starforce?

Hi Joanna,
I've been looking for a good example of the breed for some time and would be interested to buy if it plays ok.
I could go up to £100 cash subject to condition.


pffff.... £100 !!!! you wish....
good breed cost a lot, you should know it by now
Ya it is in gooood condition.....
Open your purse wide and give me a serious offer

I paid £120 for a hsh SGuitar tarforce with a set neck

that included original hard , plush lined case And,,, courier delivery service...PFFFFFF to you !

Starforce 4 string bass

I bought this bass an d amp in Tampa 25 yrs. ago, recently had it worked on in MD. There are no numbers on it anywhere, it has saturn emblems but no stars on neck, it is off white and has USA on the body and adjusters. The repairman in MD. had no clue how old or what model! No markings! I paid 100 dollares for all of it in1986. If anyone could help me, e-mail me!!! Plus it has a grrat sound, the repairman was impressed!! Thanx


contact email for above inquiry is [email protected]

Starforce 8000

Hi all,

I have a Starforce 8000 LH which was in a very unloved condition when I acquired it, set up RH. This is the first time I've seen a Starforce.
Everything seems to work, it all just needs some TLC which I shall give to it, even though I play Righthanded!. Just tested the pickups (Skorcherz) through a Marshall JTM 50, nice sustain and promise of plenty to go, this could be interesting.

Starforce Guitars

I do know for a fact that there was an 8001 series built w/a sinle pickup which looks like a humbucker style ,single volume,single tone and a double position switch.The tail piece/bridge looks and funtions like a floyde rose bridge as it does have a whammy bar with it.I got this guitar from a friend as payment for damage done by him on one of my practice amps .this guitar also is NOT a solid bodied guitar;,rather it's a layered lamenated bodiy that forms a solid type body.This guitar has a rosewood fret board and dot inlay along the fret board as well.I haven't seen any stars or Saturn paturns on this guitar at all as it was a solid black guitar til I refinished and set it up myself in a clearcoat shell /woodgrain finish.This thing WILL however blow your mind with the sound and clarity it puts out through my fender amp.I just want to know if it's actually got any value to it in U.S. dollars.

Starforce 7005

I've been given a Starforce 7005 4 string bass guitar. It's got Saturns at 12th and stars as markers at 1,3,5,7 and 9. (God knows why as those frets aren't significant). The neck is a little curved (suspect truss rod) but it's playable. Three Skorcherz pickups. Could be resurrected if sufficient interest.
I've no idea of value, but any reasonable offer, plus shipping will secure it.

Starforce USA 8000

I have had several higher end guitars, Strat, Less Paul, Gretch, I got this white w silver streak finish guitar for $10 from a guy cleaning out his dad's house, I've had it for a year on my guitar rack, played w it last night and it is without a doubt my favorite playing, sounding and even looking guitar, I wish my acoustic had the sustain and ease of playing as I love good sustain I am addicted, I love my Washburn H35 semi hollow but the Starforce is my new girl (up there w my Harley, God bless, Joel

Starforce 8000

Just purchased a Starforce 8000 with black body and maple neck. Also pickups are by Skorcherz. It has a little gold sticker on the back with serial 8000B on it. Guitar is in excellent condition. I was hoping someone could give me more info on it.


I've had a starforce guitar since I was 11, a relative gave it to me as a gift and have no idea of what it's worth... I can't seem to find anything like it though, the mother of pearl on the fret board are planets and the design on the actual body I can't seem to see anywhere I look... It's an 8008, but the only ones I see online have crackle paint or splatter paint, mine looks like fireworks almost? Anyone have any ideas on what I might be looking at here??


I have a 8002
Its all white ,
But collaged with paper cutting.
Has the skorchez pickups ,
And the tremolo system has full
Locking similar to Floyd rose .


I have a Starforce super strat I am rebuilding. I've owned it for approximately 30 years. It was purchase new at a music shop in downtown Kissimmee Florida. The neck plate says Starforce Miami engraved in cursive and it has what appears to be a US Army Air Force star and bar aircraft marking under the writing. The guitar is a HSS style super strat, the top of the body is has routes for the pickups but all electronics are accessed via the cover plates on the back. It does not use a pick guard like a regular strat would. The guitar came with 2 single coils and a humbucker, all Skorcherz brand. It does not have a locking system and uses a standard style strat tremolo. The tuners have a P on the back of them, a friend when was first got it said they were Palmer brand. Fretboard is rosewood with Saturn inlays at all standard marker positions. The headstock is a 3x3 configuration resembling a longer version of the Paul Reed Smith (PRS) design. My Dad bought it for me when I was about 16 or so, I am now 44. I think we paid a little over 200 for it. I he also bought me a Peavey Bandit 112 Teal Strip Made In The USA amp equipped with a Scorpion speaker that is recently refreshed and still works like it did on day one. I have several other guitars like a PRS 245 SE and a Schecter C1 Platinum with the Floyd Rose but my father passed away several years ago and that's what got me thinking about restoring the old guitar and amp. After many years the amp just needed a thorough cleaning but guitar was in semi rough shape. Most of the screws were a bit rusty as well as the saddles which appeared to be some sort cast metal. A couple of years after my father bought me the guitar I had a music shop change the humbucker and ever got the Skorcherz bucker back from them like a fool. I was young and didn't know any better. The paint had some chips and the guitar was covered in vintage skateboarding sticks, which to be honest, I wish I had left alone. I had a large Natas Kaupas panther kitten playing with a ball of string sticker, don't even know if you can get them anymore. But I digress. Several years ago I stripped the whole guitar, paint and all. Recently I patched up the nicks and dings in the body, which is laminated, and repainted it. Stripped and sanded the neck as well applying a thin layer of Wipe On Poly to seal the wood. The guitar was originally metallic read but is now Royal Metallic Blue with clear coat. I installed a brand new heavy brass block strat tremolo I got from Guitar Fetish (excellent piece of hardware). I've still got to source a couple of screws and install the electronics. Did a fret leveling and dress as some of the frets had a few dings in them. All frets are now polished and ready to go. I had the 2 original single coils but someone lost one. I do still have the 2 covers for the single coils with the Skorcherz logo on them. I'm installing a new hot humbucker I purchased from Amazon and will be replacing the missing single coil. I want to get it all back together and see how it plays, if it's all good to go I might throw a DiMarzio hunbers in it. I've thought about putting a hot rail slim humbucker in neck position. I have the brand new 5 way switch and pots, I'll be shielding then electronics cavity and I've replaced the output jack. The neck had a ding in the fret board around the 15th fret on the high E string which I managed to steam out with rather good results.

StarForce electric guitar 8007

Hello out there.
I just received a "pink" star-force 8007
Electric guitar from my mother, she purchased
It at a sale. It's really a great playing guitar
The action is great and it's a great rocking guitar!
Does anyone know the value of it.
It's pretty rare I know I've never seen it before.
What year was it made? I'm thinking 1980's
Any info would be great

Starforce Guitar

My first electric guitar was a Starforce. My parents bought it for me for Christmas in 1989. They got it from either the Sears catalog or the JC Penny catalog (I can’t remember which?) It was gloss black with a rosewood fretboard. It had a Floyd Rose trem (replica) and HSS pickup configuration. I played it for about two years. Then I sold it and bought a used 1984 Gibson Explorer.

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