is samick good?

Posted by Don on Sat, 08/31/02 - 20:48:23.

Hi I'm looking for my first bass guitar and I came across a samick corsair series, its affordable and looks like a good guitar, I was wondering if they are actually any good.

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Re: is samick good?

I have a samick amp, its pretty good

Re: is samick good?

: I have a Samick yarb pj 58e 5 string bass, with active pick-ups I love it, the neck is the same width as my fender jazz, the tone is incredible--- from meaty growling bottom to biting highs and everything in between, if I lost it I would replace it with another just like it... I have played bass in country/rock bands for about 25 years and have played them all...this one is the one I kept!!

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Re: is samick good?

I don't play bass but I have a samick silvertone series stratocaster, and it plays just as good as a fender of squier strat in my opinion.

Re: is samick good?

Samick are extremely good, they are merely unederated I have a samick acoustic worthington D5 and its awesome for playig bluesy music as it has a calm mellowy feel. Sure some of samicks earlier stuff are crap but just stick away from that shit.

Samick aren't the best or biggest brand out there but they are as far as i'm concerned the best guitar for you if you don't exactly have a grand lying around to spend on the narliest axe on the planet.

Samick make fairly reasonable bases for begginners but you may want to trade in and buy something better later on, but dude it realy is up to you if you think it looks good and is affordable buy it!

but remember even the worst base in the world sounds good in the hands of a dude with skill.

Re: is samick good?

I just bought my one two weeks ago. It was a Samick Corsair CR-13. It looks good, it is punchy, it is light and it rocks! I paid $270(cnd) with a hard case.

Buy it up!

Samick BA80 bass amp

My son doesn't play bass anymore, likes the 6 string and piano. He want's me to sell his Samick BA80 bass guitar amp, it sounds really good, is nice and clean, and everything on it works. What's a reasonable price to ask/end up taking for it? Thanks.

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