Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

Posted by Batsy on Sun, 10/27/02 - 15:33:48.

Well, cheers for being interested to start with!!I got given a 12 string acoustic guitar but it doesn't actually have a name and i want to find out anything about it i can. There's a model number on it-KD 28, plus it says' Made in Italy' too. I believe it's from the 1970's.

If anyone can help me trace anything about it i'd be appreciate it.



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Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

I've got the same guitar but a six sting. It's says the same thing in side the sound hole "KD28 made in Italy". I was just wondering if you found anything more about the guitar

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

well bugger me, ive got the same problem, in fact it's why i'm on this site, mine is model kd28 and made in italy no name and its a 6 string, plays and sounds great, i paid £40 for it and told it cost £450 back in the 70's, but that's what i was told, sorry i can't help but as i said, i'm after the same answer as you, good luck and if you do find out, can you let me know, cheers bud. sharky

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

Sorry to disappoint you but I got mine new (6 sting) in the mid '70s and it cost my parents £40!!

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

I've done a little research on the net. My guitar has a logo but no name. The logo is definately that of a Kay guitar!!


I have had this guitar for around 30 years now and it is a Yamaha Acoustic 12 string guitar, model # KD-28-12 if that is any help.

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

It could possibly be an Eko. Their Ranger acoustic also has no label/name on the guitar or headstock, it has wood of the same appearance and finish on the sides and back, it has the same shape truss rod cover, a similar 'italian style' pick guard, zero fret, bolt-on neck and it has the stripe running up through the neck to the head. The only problem is the label inside- if it was an Eko then surely it would say so on the label. Somebody elsewhere suggested it might be a Kay guitar. But Kays are/were built in Japan, no? For my money (£15 in a charity shop :-) it's an Eko. And a mighty fine guitar it is too!!

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

This link may have gone when you read this. It shows an Eko guitar but with no markings identical to the kd28. So it IS an Eko!!

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

: Well IVe seen the commentary on this and another forum re "Kd28 Made in Italy". I've got one that was bought for me new in the 70s, its a 6 string with the same marking inside "KD28 Made in Italy". It looks in every respect identical to the one shown on the Ebay site and being sold as an Eko. The wordwork including a beautiful rosewood back, zero fret, the adjustable bridge,bolt on neck, the little black piece behind the strings on the machine head, the shape of the pick protector and the ring pattern around the sound hole are identical in every respect. However, mine does still have a plasic logo sticker on the pick protector which is most definately a Kay logo see the site So to whoever said that Kays were made in Japan, I'm confused!.

Re: Does anyone know anything about a 'KD28' 12 string acoustic?

Well i guess the trail's really getting cold now. i've got exactly the same problem. if your still out there. you dont know anyone thats selling one do you. My one beautiful but it's developed a bit of a rattle from 28 or so years of abbuse. thanks

ive seen one for sale near

ive seen one for sale near me. £100. birmingham.

KD28 D

I think you will find that the KD28 D was made by the Oliviero Pigini company and was produced in the late 60's and early seventies. Their own label was Eko. They were high quality spec. but mass produced guitars that were made for export and for other companies to put their logo/labels on. Pigini was the largest guitar producer in Europe at the time and made guitars and organs for people like Rose Morris, Shaftesbury and Vox. In America La Duca brothers imported their instruments by the thousands and marketed them often under catalogue mail service names.

KD-28 six-stringed guitar

Does anyone know the specifics of this guitar?

KD-28 six-stringed guitar

i bought one pretty much as described in luton for £25!! pretty good condition too.

KD-28 six-stringed guitar

I have the KD28-12 model. K meaning it was built by Kay guitars...D28 most likely meaning it's the Martin D28 ripoff, and obviously 12 referring to the number of strings. Great little guitar, but nothing that special from what I know about it. The thing I would like to know if anyone knows it, when were these built?


i have a KD28 6 string guitar with bolt on neck.

it is without doubt NOT a KAY.
Those that suggested EKO may have a cookie, But yet it is NOT a EKO

The company name that manufactured these is MELODY

in the 70's melody were a "sister / partner" company to EKO and produced EKO designs for EKO

The guitars in question were built just like the 70's EKO ranger series : Bolt on neck, 6 / 12 string , BIG internal neck block, 0 frett , bell shaped trussrod cover.

i have had this visually confirmed by an italian luthier who worked in the factory at that time.[group-0]/16/

this should help

Guitar KD28 model #160776

My husband has one in the case, gorgeous never used but when he received it . It say KAY on the front, six string/ model KD28 # 160776. I am trying to get a fair price for it. Trying to find a place who can give me what it's worth. Perfect condition.

Kay 28-12 12 String

I've been trying to research this guitar , mins says made in korea , I can't even find someone who owens one.I just bought it so I've never played it, I'am adjusting the truss Rod and changing the strings

KD28 Acoustic Guitar

I bought a KD28 in 1980. Paid £45 for it brand new, with a cheap leather style carry bag. I have used it since then for my own entertainment. It has a few minor dings, and the pickgaurd has come off. It Is not a Kay or Eko. I will not part with it, as it has no monetry value. I have enjoyed owning and using this Guitar on a daily basis. I also have a few other Guitars, Epiphone, tanglewood and Yamaha. But the KD28 is my go to guitar.

very extensive description of this model making this one a EKO factory made model.

KD 28

Down sizing my shop I was making daily trips to Hillingon waste site. Sticking out of a rubbish pile was the head of a guitar which I duly
pulled out.
Expecting to see a piece of splintered wood and a few battered strings I was amazed to find a perfect intact Jumbo acoustic KD28.
Before any of the jobsworths could see me i chucked into the back of the van and took it home .
It turned out to be in perfect condition !
A quick clean and a polish and I possessed a jumbo worth at least £70 !
The things some folk throw away.
An old friend was a dustman and clearing a house in Stanmore was approached by the householder who said "Here take this" and gave him a large rectangular case.
Inside was a BRAND new unplayed AMERICAN Stratocaster!
I guess someone had not been studying and the parental threat to "Give it to the dustman " was being acted upon.
Sad really !

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