Eterna EF-31

Posted by believeitornotitsme on Sat, 12/14/02 - 13:41:35.

Hi, I'm looking for information on the Eterna EF-31 by Yamaha (made in 1995) and was wondering if anyone here knows anything about it. I've been unable to find anything on the eternet (does Yamaha even make the eternas anymore?). Thanks.

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Re: Eterna EF-31

Ya i no sum stuff about it cause i have 1.

Re: Eterna EF-31

i have one as well, but you're right, there is no info on it... ha, i'll have to make a website for mine. pretty things, aren't they? i don't know anyone else that has or has seen an eterna. rosethor[email protected] if y'all find anything, i'm curious now.

Re: Eterna EF-31

I just got a minimally used one for 150CDN and it really has a wonderful sound and the case and strings that come with it is a nice addon. Excellent guitar for a beginner like me.

Re: Eterna EF-31

Hey i also have trouble looking up the eterna. I have an eterna ec-10 but i cant find any information on it.

Re: Eterna EF-31

I emailed Yamaha, and this is the reply I got regarding the EF-31 Eterna:

"EF-31 were made in the late 1980's and retailed new for 200.00 USA$$$
Laminate spruce top.
That is about all the info I have on this model. 
Thank you."

Re: Eterna EF-31

I just bought one, brand new, last week. I'd never heard of Eterna, by Yamaha. It was cheap, so I thought it was a cheap guitar - I noticed that the Yamaha design inlay was absent - so I assumed it would sound cheap, have crappy action. etc.
I was pleasantly surprised, however. The guitar sounds great, the action is nice and low AND it came with a hardcase and extra strings.
I bought it at Costco, one of those warehouse-type giga-stores (you never know what you'll find there)
Anyway, I'm thrilled with it, and I think I got it for a steal..$159 !

Re: Eterna EF-31

I was at a Costco store the other day. I found a brand new Yamaha EF-31 Eterna with case, extra steel strings, hard case, and 1 year parts warranty for $160 CDN. It was made in Indonesia within Yamaha specifics. Don't know how good it is as I don't play, but was wondering if they are any good?

That guitar is PERFECT for

That guitar is PERFECT for a beginner! Was my first guitar!

HIGHLY recommend!

Re: Eterna EF-31

Just got this Guitar from costco. Great Sound, Great Price! Perfect for all levels of Guitarist.


Re: Eterna EF-31

I, too , just got this from Costco and it's decent.

Re: Eterna EF-31

I bought one for my son for christmas at Costco in Canada. I started playing it Christmas day and was really suprised how well it plays, and the rich tone for the money. A friend of mine was over yesterday and tryed it out, and is now planing on going to Costco and getting one for himself now. (I may buy another for me now too)

Re: Eterna EF-31

hey man, here's the info on that guitar

Re: Eterna EF-31

I'm surprised that Yamaha felt confident putting their name on an off shoot brand... but they did, and I can understand why, it sounds nice, I gotta say. We just got it in our pawn shop, and if it really is selling at costco for 160CND then we'll put it out for probably 100 cause its mint, I must say. If you need a guitar drop me a line!

Re: Eterna EF-31

I just got this guitar for Christmas from my dad, I am a beginner acoustic guitarist but I've been playing electric for a few years. I was pleasantly surprised how nicely finished the wood is, the tuning pegs turn super smoothly yet the guitar stays in tune like a charm. From the few acoustics I have tried playing over the last few weeks this one is up there. Very clean sound, the low-end is decent but it could use a little more (I'm used to the deep lows on my Marshall stack hehe). Also, the sustain is surprisingly good, and the fret board feels nice. Basically, I'm very pleased with this guitar that my dad got for a great price (didn't tell me how much but he said he couldn't pass it up) This will be perfect for my camping trips, I would be hesistant to take an expensive guitar by the camp fire hehe. Also, it came with a decent quality black carrying case and a set of steel strings. I give this guitar A-. Great for any beginner to intermediate.

Yamaha Eterna

The Eterna is a line made by Yamaha. I have an Eterna EF-30. The best place to find info on the guitar is to go to: If you have a different model than an EF-31 just go to this link and it will have the other models listed.

i got a yamaha ec10

i got a yamaha ec10 classical guitar at a garage sale for $10 a year ago. it was still in the cardboard box and it looks like noone ever played it. the guitar looks cool and is a full size classical. it sounds sweet and has great bass. ive been playing it alot and i really like this guitar. i know these guitars have laminate tops but they vibrate nice and sound real good.

eterna ef-31

I've been playing guitar for over 10 years. The Eterna ef-31 made by Yamaha is literally the greatest sounding and smothest playing acoustic guitar I have ever played. I have played acoustics worth thousands that don't compare to the sound and feel of the ef-31. If anyone knows where I can buy another one brand new in calgary, please let me know. Thanks tj_coady7@hotmail.

just picked one up

just got a nice EF31 off of Kijij for $40.00 CDN. Cleaned up the fret board, put on some tong oil a new set of string and it sounds great.
The serial number is 20625026 does anyone know how old it would be from the number?

I just found an eterna ef-31

I just found an eterna ef-31 at goodwill and bought it for $25. It is in perfect condition and came with the case and extra strings. I'm super happy with it. I like this thread. I found it while trying to dig up information on the guitar. I like how the posts have gotten significantly more sparse as the years go on and i like how prices of the finds have gone down as well. I'm happy to have contributed.

I have never posted on a

I have never posted on a random thread.before but a friend of mine was just given an Eterna EF-31 with a nice gig bag. She is going to sell it for 50.00. I know we're in the middle of a mini apocalypse and money is tight but I think I am going to buy it. I know I could but I don't even think I'm going haggle about the price. She is a friend after all and really does need the money. Besides I really like the tone of the guitar and it's in pretty good shape for its age and I really am having the urge to buy a new guitar.

I was strumming one of these

I was strumming one of these at the local Value Village here in Vancouver, and it sounded amazing. It's too bad VV charges outrageous prices ($150), or I would have definitely purchased it; I have a rather expensive drug habit to finance, however, and all my capital is spent bankrolling an ever increasing tolerance.

Hope someone who will make good use of it picks it up.


I just picked one of these

I just picked one of these up EF-31 pretty cheap from Kijiji. The serial number starts with letters QKX and it was made in Indonesia which means Oct 2004. 18 year old guitar and plays and sounds great with nice fret finish and low action. I am glad it is not a terribly valuable guitar so I can take it to the beach this Summer. Yamaha is really good at quality control.

Serial number

Serial number info.

Yamaha ET31

Pretty darn amazing guitar, got it in a trade in on a flip deal. I have been playing it almost every day since . extremely comfortable, low action kind of cool great sounding knock around guitar.

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