New Guitarist Needs To Know Good Brand...

Posted by SurferGirl on Fri, 08/04/00 - 00:46:27.

Hey! Im looking for a guitar... either a gibson or a martin... between $200-500... Im just learning the guitar and at the moment dont have 1,500 for a martin d28! :) Any Ideas?

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Re: New Guitarist Needs To Know Good Brand...

Acoustic or electric? I found a great fender acoustic for about 200 bucks, that I play like hell on and has been to the beach a few dozen times.My advice is find a friend who you trust and take them out shopping with you as all guitars are different. Hohner's are nice too on a low budget. You probably would be lucky to find either of those guitars for that inexpensive. If you live in the Bay Area I could help you further. just e-mail me. Good Luck!

Re: New Guitarist Needs To Know Good Brand...

To be honest I'm not impressed with Martins. You have to drop at least 700 bucks before you really get what you pay for. I'm not sure that Gibson makes any acoustics in your price range. If you can find a used Takamine, Go for it, but only if it's got the electronics. The guitar is decent but the highlight is the electronics; I love my tak, got it for 250. also, charvel makes good acoustic-electrics. Washburn, Epiphone, and *********DEAN********* are others to look for. Dean makes acoustic-electrics well worth the money. It's also a matter of preference and comfort, so be sure that you play the guitar before buying it, even if you aren't too familiar with the instrument yet. And because you're new to it, bring another guitarist with you. They can help distinguish which guitars are gonna be ripoffs and which ones would give you good deals.

Re: New Guitarist Needs To Know Good Brand...

Martin does offer the DM and the DR series acoustic guitars for around $600. Solid spruce top and either mahagony or rosewood back and sides.)Thats what the M & R stand for in the model number) If you want to go cheaper, you'll probably end up with a laminated top guitar. Thats OK, but you will want to trade up later. Yamaha, Martin Sigma series, Fender all make decent laminated top acoustics. Just pick one that you like the best.

One word... Seagull

If your'e lookin' for an acoustic guitar, go for a Seagull S6-Cedar... handmade in Canada, solid top, great playing and sounding - for in the neighborhood of 350 bucks. I went to buy a Martin (the 550 dollar one) and walked oout of the store with the seagull - I love it. Great guitar!


Re: New Guitarist Needs To Know Good Brand...

try one of those $600.00 martins. they are not bad. if you need portability, or prefer a smaller size, the larrivee parlor guitar is small, sounds really good, and costs between $350-450.00. it should come w/a gig bag.

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