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Posted by jim currie on Sat, 06/14/03 - 14:38:07.

I recently bought a cheap guitar called an Alliance vp. It resembles the Gibson the Everly brothers used to have. It is made from wonderful wood and has a beautiful tone. Try as I might I cannot find out anything about the guitar. Can anyone help?
Jim in Scotland

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Re: alliance vp

hi, i have the same problem, its a beautiful guitar, nice sound, but i am also searching the internet.
nothing to find yet.

Re: alliance vp

I bought an Alliance VP acoustic bass guitar about a year ago. It's a really wonderful instrument. I was looking for information about Alliance when I stumbled upon this discussion.

Re: alliance vp

Me too !!!
I have an acoustic bass alliance VP. I've bought it 2 months ago and I was searching informations when I saw this message !
If someone has it, tell me !

Re: alliance vp

I have a 6 string acoustic Alliance VP, I inherited it so don't know how much it's worth, but whatever it is, it sounds very nice and is easy to play. As for info on this brand, I know nothing and would like to know more like the rest of you. I can't believe in 2004 there is no website with anything on it, except puzzled people who own one!

Re: alliance vp

Does the guitar Alliance VP has a small neck???

Re: alliance vp

i also have a alliance guitar semie acoustic vp-05c i'am also looking for more info about this brand

Alliance vp 1OJ TMOS

Ok I have an alliance vp jumbo acoustic 1OJ TMOS a beautiful guitar i bought second hand about 18 months ago, it looks very new, still had the plastic on the pickguard, although i bought it second hand.
I paid £270 for it and it came with a hard case.
I was informed its a variant of the epiphone SJ18 and must admit it is very similar, spruce top mahogany back and sides.
Although the truss rod on the epi is at the top of headstock, mine you access truss rod from sound hole, also the headstock is a bit different in shape also neck heal is different, the epi has gold tuners, mine has onix like tuners.
Someone out there must know about these guitars, anyway the link below will show the epi similar to mine

allianve vp

Hi, I am from kosovo. I have an alliance vp acoustic model VP 05D TMRS hand crafted made in korea it's very well, I've played other guitars second hand, but it is far the most beautiful, with a sound loud clean. I do not know what price is, because me donated the soldiers of the NATO

alliance vp

I have the same problem as you guys. Mine is model VP-05N-EQ-N. What I can add is that mine has an oval soundhole (not round as most guitars). Bought it cheap 2nd hand here in Australia cuz of an electronics issue. Easyly fixed as I know how to solder loose connections. I noticed a faded sticker at back of headstock marked "Muzik Danmark". It seems this guitar was bought somewhere in Europe and brought by the owner all the way to Australia. This guitar is my cheapest guitar but I always find myself picking it up more often than the others. Amazing sound. I too have been trolling the internet about this guitar for months now.

alliance vp

Sorry its me again. Need to correct the model number above. It is actually VP-05C-EQ-N. My apologies.

aliance guitars

Hello, sorry for my english.I also have an Aliance classical guitar, which is amazing for the price i' ve paid. I have small problems with the keys, but generaly its a wonderful guitar. I' ve heard they are made in China in the same factory with stagg guitars

Hand crafted Alliance VP guitar

Hi Guys, I bought this acoustic Alliance VP guitar in the mid 1990s in Paris, model #VP-05C-EQ-RMAB, it's apparently made in Korea, the sound is amazing, I now live in Canada, still play with it almost every day, but like you, I can't seem to find more info on the brand...

Alliance VP-05D-BS

I guess way too many people have this guitar brand, love it and yet can't trace its origin. I bought mine at a small music shop in Italy sometime in 1995 and I've carried it with me to the states. I still have it and play it often and on and it always sounds beautiful. I've played some nice Gibson and Taylor ones at the stores where I live and I think this one is not bad at all comparing the 200,000 Lira I paid back then, which is nothing (~$100 I think). I can't even remember the exchange rate back then and now Lira's gone anyway.
If anyone ever finds out, would love it if you post to this board.
Keep strumming!

Alliance J-Bass

I'm Luthier from Finland and I bought yesterday Alliance Jazz bass copy. I set it up today and boy it`s great bass.
Alliance is Korean brand? Any information of the company???

Alliance - VP - Acoustic bass

Hi' everyone!
I bought my alliance -VP- acoustic bass in 1994/95 in Paris. Loved the look and the sound. I still have it today and still play it, not often, because i don't play acoustic that much, but when needed it plays very well for a 24 years old bass. Pluged, the sound is massive but straight, which is nice to be heard in the mix. I love this bass. I paid it 150/200€ i don't remember, but cheap for the good sound and playability.

I also would like to know more about it, but internet doesn't seem to give us more information.

Alliance VP Electro Acoustic./

Hi All. I have just picked up an ALLIANCE VP 10JC EO TMOSM Serial number 61102246. Covered in dust and messy. I was told it was a "91 model. not sure,maybe some one can guide me from the S/N. After cleaning and polishing its come up in excellent condition, no dings,scratches or fret wear. Sounds great with perfect intonation and a low playing action. A new battery in and some anti static spray gave it a great acoustic sound, Really pleased and at £20 !!!!!!!!! Wonderful. Any help on the serial number would be appreciated. TIA. Jeff

Alliance VP 10JC EQ BTMS

Hi guys,

here is another ownwer of a wonderful Alliance acoustic guitar. It‘s a Jumbo style, with EQ. I bought the new guitar in the early 90ies in germany, near Cologne at about 450 DM (220 €) including a hard case.
I am still very pleased with handling, sound and quality of this fine instrument.
Here is a photo:

Keep playing acoustic!!!!

Alliance VP 10JC-EQ-BMTS

I'm also looking for information about this make of guitar. I recently purchased a completely unmarked J200 shaped, single cutaway electro acoustic that had been sat in someone's wardrobe for over 30 yrs.
It plays really well, has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides, which gives a lovely tone and good projection. The edge binding, frets and inlays are all very well finished. The machine heads work really nicely as does the EQ and pre amp. Although made in Korea this guitar is very well put together and plays better than some of it's more popular American cousins that I've tried over the years.
I'm almost embarrassed to say that I only paid £75 for it, complete with fitted case. If ever you come across an Alliance guitar I would definitely consider buying it. High quality instruments for very little money. Maybe they are so inexpensive because there is so little information.
If anyone has any background history on these guitars I would love to hear it.

Alliance VP 45G-N Acoustic Guitar

This Thread seems to be the only source for information on the Guitar brand. Amazing.

I've been playing for 13 years now, and this has to be the nicest acoustic guitar I have played - a bit like a takamine with the sharpness of the tone too (some might say it's got a slightly cheap sound to it / others bright).

If anyone wants to bombshell the infamous gold mine that we all seem to have at our fingertips be my guest, i'd love to know more. But, theres something about the lack of information on the brand that makes it feel quite special and rare... I like that.

J David

Alliance vp 05d N

Seems like the mystery continues. I just picked up this guitar from a lady who found it in the loft of her new house. It is a bit bear up and needs some repairs but I think I can get it back to rights.
So as per the Korean build.. Yamaha did a series of guitars that were build in Korea and were referred to as the "poor man's Martin" as they were build so exceptionally well and didn't cost as much as the Martins were. Seeks like the Koreans did a great job building guitars. I'm glad I've come across this guitar.. I hope I can get her fixed properly.


I know these posts are Old, but maybe….
I have made a Facebook group for alliance vp owners. Please join .
Maybe we Can make some “history” ?

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